The Outsourcing Mom: Where to Spend Money to Buy Back Your Time


If you’re a fan of the Lazy Genius podcast, you’ll hear Kendra Adachi often say, “Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t.” I implement this strategy by outsourcing the tasks that drain my time and energy. Whether you’re a stay at home mom who is struggling to run errands with kids in tow or managing most of your personal to-dos after leaving the office, we all could use a little help so that we spend more intentional time with our families and even squeeze in a little self-care, too!

Here are some of my best recommendations to help you optimize your schedule and spend less time running errands.

The Basics:

Amazon Prime is a no-brainer for avoiding trips to the store. But did you know they offer digital photo storage and their own line of greeting cards? I saved $100-$200 this year on Christmas cards!

Can’t swing by a donation box to get rid of outgrown baby clothes? Use their Give Back Box.

dallas grocery delivery outsourcing mom

Grocery delivery has endless options. But is it worth it? When I first paid for my subscription nearly two years ago for Instacart delivery, I had to justify the cost, but it has paid dividends. For $99 dollars a year (or $8.25 a month plus tip of around $2-$5), that averages about $6 a week! I save the time and gas money of a trip and I avoid impulse buys. And with so many options for pick-up these days – plus front row parking, why wouldn’t you use grocery store pick-up at the least?!

I love to cook so I don’t do a ton of meal delivery. But if you don’t enjoy time in the kitchen, pretty much any restaurant offers some sort of delivery service. And, if you’re on any sort of specialized diet – there are so many options there, too. Territory and Snap Kitchen are great for Paleo-inspired meals. Want to host a party but without all the work? Palate Pro is a home chef and meal delivery with a variety of healthy options.

Home, Lawn, and Car Maintenance:

If you can afford a housekeeper, do it. It took me three times to find one I trust and who takes great pride in her work. She has been a game changer. Look at your budget and if you can afford once a month, do it. If your workload and income allows for more often, do it.

My husband takes pride in neatly trimmed hedges but after our second kid he hired a lawn service. This also took a few times to land on a company he trusted but now we have the team come every week for a variety of needs, and they even install and take down our Christmas lights.

News flash! Did you know you can have a service come to your home and detail your car for you? I saw my neighbor do this and immediately asked for a business card so I could do the same. Bye-bye, breakfast bar wrappers on the floor. Adios, old applesauce pouches wedged between the seats.

Grooming for the Family:

Our neighborhood moms often schedule a playdate and have Ms. Maggie from Cuts 2 Us come over. Someone grabs a tray of chicken nuggets and the kids take turns hopping in Maggie’s chair with her superhero capes. And they love picking a lollipop when the haircut is done. She’s more than kids’ cuts though – she’ll do the whole family!

outsourcing mom dallas pet grooming serviceNeed your nails done? Download the Cherry app and have the technician come to your home.

You don’t have to schedule the drop-off and pick-up for Fido to get his grooming either! Pet Love will come to you.

If you need all the help, from errands to party planning – call a personal concierge service like Misty Keown. My dear friend hosted an engagement party for me and my husband, and she enlisted Misty. My husband still talks about how the entire night Misty had memorized his favorite beer and made sure he was never without. She’s top notch!

Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe and save – time and money! Many products, aside from those sold on Amazon, are sold through subscriptions – from clothing to cosmetics. Select your recurring delivery and forget it.

What services can you not live without? Who helps your house and family run like a well-oiled machine?



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