The Newest Dallas Date Spot: Look Cinemas


Your kid free days may be gone.  But, enjoying dinner and a movie on date night doesn’t have to be just a memory of your B.C. (before children) days.  There is a brand new, upscale, dine-in movie theater in Dallas and it’s worth checking out!

I couldn't get a great shot of the theater at night so they kindly provided me with this artist's rendition.  Cool looking place!
I couldn’t get a great shot of the theater at night so they kindly provided me with this artist’s rendition. Cool looking place!

Look Cinemas (off of Beltline and a few blocks from the Dallas North Tollway) opened this week. Connected to Look is a Dallas restaurant with a great reputation, Nick & Sam’s Grill, making the Look venue both a full-scale restaurant/bar and a movie theater.   But, I’ll tell you: the whole building feels more like an art museum.  Everything about this place is fresh and classy.  Although I didn’t see a dress code posted anywhere, I was glad I opted for city, “night on the town” attire rather than one of my usual “we’ll be in a dark theater” movie-night outfits.

If you have the time, you can choose to eat in the actual restaurant and then catch a movie in one of their adjacent, upgraded general admission theaters. But, to save time (or just for fun) I suggest you try one of the Look’s “dine in” theater experiences.  My husband and I had the chance to do this last week and all I can say is: Wow!

Look Theater Dallas Moms Blog
Inside one of the dine-in theaters.

We entered the theater and (with some child-like enthusiasm) rushed to pick out two of the giant leather reclining chairs. Yes, I did say reclining. Push a little button, lean back and lift those tired legs.  (I couldn’t tell you the last time I used a recline function on a chair in our home, but let me assure you I used it here!)  There were tray tables in front of each recliner to use while eating and then push out of the way (completely) when you are finished.  Plus, the arms in the leather recliners had cup holders for your beverage of choice.  Seems they thought of almost everything with one small oversight.  I needed a pillow and a blanket.  (If the movie’s a little slow that recliner is a wonderful place for a mom to take a little nap. (I’m speaking from experience!))

A minute or two after we tested (and re-tested) the functionality of our seats, a server was by our side explaining our menu and drink options (including a full list of wine and beers).  Nick & Sam’s Grill offers an adjusted menu for the dine-in theater experience.  So, while you can’t order their filet or lobster while you watch your movie, you can get some pretty delicious, easier-to-eat-in-the-dark, yet still delectable fare.

I’ll be honest.  It did bother me a bit that I couldn’t really see what was on my plate once the movie started.  But, I could taste it and that sense was extremely pleased!  The hummus and warm pita bread appetizer…in a word: incredible.  Gruyere biscuits with proscuitto and maple butter…So yum (totally not on my low carb diet but I ate two!).  Sushi (not my favorite but husband swears his tuna roll was fantastic!).  Other menu items included a selection of sliders: turkey meatloaf, chicken parmesan or short rib (I chose turkey meatloaf — not what I expected but good.)  Flat breads, also on the menu, were really more like pizzas and easily big enough to share.

Save room for dessert!  The chocolate torte and scoop of had-to-have-just-been-made cappuccino ice cream was incredible.  My husband indulged in the lemon chess pie (I sampled (for our readers’ sake) and I approve.)

Need a refill? A little more of that maple butter?  All you have to do is turn on a light at your seat and your stealth server slides in like a ninja and gets you what you need.  The service was good, but the food was excellent.

Dallas Moms Blog view of Look Cinemas menu
The food was very good. It was definitely more akin to “nice dinner out” fare rather than traditional movie junk food!

Sounds like an expensive night out, right?  Well, it really wasn’t that bad.  Though we were invited to taste and experience the theater for free we did get to see a bill at the end and I was pleasantly surprised at how small it was given all that we had eaten!

Look Cinemas also offers regular style movie theaters and is opening a new area called the “Lofts” which is billed as a sophisticated experience for some kid-free dining and movie watching.  Other plans include food offerings from Coal Vines Pizza and Wine Bar – which is opening an adjacent location sometime later this Spring.

So, if you are looking for a great new place for your next date night?  I recommend giving Look Cinemas a try.  You can check out their movies and times and learn more about their theaters by clicking here.


**Side note:  I was invited to a night at the theater for free but was not asked to review the theater or compensated for doing so.  The opinions in this piece are mine alone, based on my experience.  When the contributors of Dallas Moms Blog genuinely enjoy something — we want our readers to know about it!**




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