The Donut Palace – An Allergen-Friendly Treat in Dallas

Donut Palace
307 Spring Creek Village
Dallas, TX 75248

I am going to let you in on a great Dallas secret today…The Donut Palace! For five years now, it has been our Saturday morning ritual to visit this place. It is in our neighborhood and a lovely walk for us from our house. My daughter is on first name basis with Jane, who runs the Donut Palace and our Christmas card has been known to be taped on the cappucino maker. It is truly a special place to us!

Cue 6 months ago when we learned that our son had severe egg and peanut allergies! Literally one of the first thoughts in my head was…”Oh no…we won’t be able to go to donuts anymore.” Since our baby was not quite old enough for donuts yet, we went several weeks in a row and I did not mention it to Jane. It was like we had to break up. Finally, one Saturday, I asked the question…”Do you have anything without eggs?” I braced myself for the response. Do you know what she said. “None of our donuts have eggs or peanuts, too many people are allergic.” It was such a great moment!!! There were no signs anywhere to indicate this, she really had no idea what an important message this was to parents!Donut Palace - Dallas - Egg free nut free, allergy friendly

Since that Saturday, she has slowly been increasing the awareness that the donuts at Donut Palace are egg-free, peanut-free, and dairy-free! We recently visited a large donut chain while we were traveling. I asked the clerk if anything was egg free and her response was “I am supposed to say no, everything has eggs.” I was heartbroken and so was my son. He snacked on graham crackers while everyone else had donuts. It just was not fair! It gave me a whole new appreciation for Donut Palace and their equal opportunity donut establishment. Egg-free and breakfast are really hard to do, especially away from home.

So I hope this new secret brings some joy to your Saturday morning…or any morning. They are open 7 days a week, starting at 5:00 am. I hope you will go and pay them a visit. Pajamas and no makeup totally acceptable! Maybe I will see you there? If you beat me there, don’t take the last strawberry, that one is my favorite!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this donut shop! I had no idea they didn’t have eggs, dairy, or nuts in any of their products. And quite honestly, I’m now curious how she makes her donuts so good!!

  2. The title says “vegan” but it doesn’t mention it being vegan anywhere else in the post. Just wondering if you’re referring to it as vegan b/c of the lack of egg and dairy? If so, that’s not accurate. Sugar isn’t always vegan and surely she uses sugar in her donuts. Cane sugar is often whitened using charcoal from the bones of cows, so you may want to clarify that you’ve confirmed she uses vegan ingredients or the place isn’t really vegan.

    • Wow! Great tip, thanks for letting us know. Just to clarify, the shop does not claim to be vegan. That was my word used to describe the donut options that are egg free and dairy free. That was just going to be a long title!

  3. Wow, have never heard of this. I guess because as it seems, the owner may not realize the implications of being (accidentally it sounds) vegan. Will have to check it out! I hope she braces herself for a bunch of new business!

    • Is it a chain??? I had no idea about that. Their business card does not say anything about other locations, but it would be worth checking into! Thanks!

      • Yes, there are about a billion Donut Palaces in the area, but I have no idea if they are at all related (maybe it’s just a really popular name for a donut shop?).

  4. Hi, This is Jane. I’ve worked for the Donut Palace for 7 years. I’ll like to thank the family of Jennifer. Our baker does not use eggs, dairy, and nut in the dough like many donut shops do.However, I can’t say that for kolaches, burritos, and biscuits. I’ll study more about my products and update tomorrow. I’ve recieved many calls after you blogged about this but because my english is not perfect, I couldn’t give them an accurate response. Sorry for all of you who called. Thanks for the interest.

    • WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE.. now how to get some to nyc?
      do you fedex?
      also, are there any nuts, dairy, eggs used on the same equipment as you use for these doughnuts?
      have a website?

    • Hi Kelly, I know Jennifer, who wrote the post, goes here often, so maybe even if the address doesn’t pull up on Google, still give it a try.

  5. Wow thank you so much for sharing this and thanks to Donut Palace for the dairy and egg free donuts! I thought my only option was Hypnotic Donuts but they only sell vegan donuts on Monday and Tuesday mornings, even if you try to pre-order for a weekend. Will definitely be hitting up Donut Palace!

    • Hi Mia! I’ve noticed recently that this location on Coit & Belt Line has taken their sign down. I still believe they’re dairy and egg free; however, I’d ask just to make sure! There’s also a great new bakery at Coit & Campbell (next to Qdoba) that is vegan!

      • Thanks Krystal! We confirmed with Jane that they’re still egg/dairy free. We ordered a bunch for our daughter’s bday party yesterday and they were a big hit! And yes we are definitely on top of the bakery – we’ve made the drive several times and it’s always worth it 🙂

  6. I went to the donut palace this morning with my dairy-allergic toddler. I’ve been going to the donut palace for 15+ years, but haven’t ever taken my son due to his allergy. This post prompted me to take him. The sign has been taken down, and when I asked about milk in the donuts I was told the only options that were dairy free were plain glazed donuts, and plain donuts with blue or pink frosting. At least it’s something, but it’s certainly not a “dairy free” establishment anymore. I just wanted to post an update in case someone else stumbles across this old post like I did! 🙂


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