The 4 B’s…

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H in bath at 3 monthsMy husband and I have been referring to our daughter’s bedtime routine as “the 4 b’s.” We’ll say, “do you think we should start her 4 b’s now?” This consists of boob, bath, bottle and bed. She has been sleeping through the night for awhile now and we are afraid that dropping anything or changing the order will somehow spoil our luck!

This bedtime routine just sort of fell into place for us, as it does for so many others too. It’s great on so many levels: my husband and I do the same thing each night without discussion or an argument, our daughter is always (ok, usually) pleasant through each phase (even going to bed!) and it really does make for a nice end to the day.

It’s through these nighttime routines that I tend to forget about all the stresses of the day and really revel in my love for our sweet pea. It’s a sweet time for all of us.

Do you have a bedtime routine that you follow with your kids? We’d love to hear about it!



  1. Our bedtime routine consists of boob, books, songs, bed. We are finally to a stage where he actually listens to the books instead of eating them!


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