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I think we can all agree that North Texas weather is very unpredictable; we can experience several different seasons within a one-week span. The weather you wake up to may not be the same weather you go to sleep with. As we stare down another round of icy temperatures this week, I’ll share a few tips to help keep you and your family prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

Track the Weather

I know it may seem like a complete waste of time trying to keep up with the weather, since it does whatever it wants, but some sense of direction is better than none! Try downloading a Dallas weather app and checking in regularly. What you see may surprise you, and new weather technology has gotten so good at giving us accurate insight into what’s next. Don’t be surprised if the 10-day forecast looks like a wild roller coaster ride. Plan accordingly but prepare for the unexpected at the same time.

April and May are traditionally the wettest months in North Texas (and tornado season ramps up!). Thunderstorms and severe weather events can pop up quickly and catch you completely off guard if you’re not prepared.

Some of our fave Dallas weather trackers:

Be Prepared

Failing to dress appropriately can make for a long and uncomfortable day. I’ve found that dressing in layers helps ensure that I’m ready for whatever the weather throws my way. Be sure to keep an eye on your little ones, too, as they may not be able to communicate their comfort level. And don’t forget to label kids’ jackets and sweaters, as they will definitely be coming off throughout the day as temperatures rise.

It’s always a great idea to keep a bag with a change of clothes for yourself and the kiddos in your vehicle at all times. I learned this the hard way, as my toddler once spilled his entire drink in his car seat right as we were parking to go into a big event. I didn’t have a change of clothes on hand, and it made for a very uncomfortable situation.

One tip that doesn’t help right this second but is worth remembering: Try a consignment shop in late winter/early spring for snow/cold weather gear for the kids. Snow bibs, hats with ear flaps (key for kids who want to play in the snow forever), gloves, and more can get really pricey and not worth the money for our once-a-year snowy weather. Check out clearance racks at Target or Walmart if you don’t have a consignment shop close by.

Weather-Specific Gear to Keep in the Car

The best ice scraper I’ve found is one that includes a glove, so your hands don’t freeze while scraping your windshield. (Never pour hot water on an iced-over windshield—it might crack it!) As for umbrellas, when it’s pouring outside, I need something that opens FAST. This automatic-open umbrella comes in a ton of colors and is oversized to protect you and the kiddos in wind or rain.

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It’s important to ensure your home and family are ready for any severe weather outbreaks. Be sure to keep flashlights, candles, matches, extra food and water on hand for emergencies or weather-related outages. Be sure to think of pets as well and keep pet food and supplies on hand.

Springtime brings about great weather and plenty of outdoor activities, but don’t forget to keep your eyes on the sky in order to maximize your fun.

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