Take Back Your Outdoor Living Space with Mosquito Shield

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I read recently that over 50% of American households have spent time and money renovating their outdoor living space in the last 18 months. Perhaps the pandemic has reminded you and your family that you have plenty of space to be together right there at home. For our family, we have been planning a back patio expansion and outdoor living space re-design. A dream that hopefully becomes a reality soon!

My favorite thing about outdoor living is sending my kids out to the backyard to play while I am cooking or cleaning inside. It gives me peace of mind that I can get some home tasks done while they are freely playing outside in the fresh air, yet contained and safe. I love hearing their laughter as they jump on the trampoline together or the sound of a ball hitting a bat just right when practicing baseball. As a special treat, we have picnics outside on nice weather days!

Source: Megan Price

Unfortunately, outdoor living usage can be bogged down with mosquitos! We tend to hate our backyards because of the threat of bites and discomfort. I would never send my kids outside to play freely or choose to have our dinner outside if we were all just going to get bitten the entire time. We have all had those miserable experiences before, but you don’t have to hate your yard! Get help from Mosquito Shield!

Take Back Your Outdoor Space with the Help of Mosquito Shield

“Is it safe?” Mosquito Shield was founded in September 2001 in response to the obvious inadequacy of mosquito sprays and repellents on the market. Since day one, they have spent time developing a proprietary blend of all-natural oils and select control products. The current blend they use is 98% all-natural, made of ingredients similar to what you would find in pet flea and tick treatments. This ensures that your family and pets can return to the yard after the spray dries, approximately 15 minutes after application.

“Yeah, so it’s just a pest control company…” Actually, no. Mosquito Shield is not like what you’ve experienced with regular pest control companies. They provide full-season coverage which is generally April – November depending on the season. You won’t see them come every month on the second Tuesday, for example. Mosquito Shield monitors all sorts of factors like weather, rainfall, and mosquito migration and treats your property every 10-17 days.

“That sounds expensive…” A huge benefit (besides getting rid of the mosquitos!) is that Mosquito Shield charges clients by the season. You don’t have to worry about paying an invoice per visit. You pay one fee and are assured to be mosquito-free until the dormant months! They are so confident in their work that they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy. Their model is much more cost-effective than a pre-treatment payment model, and they take much more pride in their work by coming out more often.

“Does it really work…” Mosquito Shield technicians treat your entire property and take special care around common-use spaces. Their approach will kill mosquitos in the spray area, mask CO2 (which attracts mosquitos), and repels them away from your property. Hence the “shield”. The spray adheres to surfaces including trees and grass and creates a barrier around your property. The spray, coupled with their approach to studying mosquito patterns, delivers real mosquito-free results.

“I really just need a one-time spray for an event…” You’re in luck! Mosquito Shield does one-time sprays for outdoor events. You can have confidence that your outdoor event will be mosquito-free and comfortable for your guests. Hosting an event is stressful enough, no need to worry about your guests being eaten alive while they are there. These events are priced on a case-by-case basis.

“What can I expect when signing up…” Hopefully you’re ready to sign up!

    1. Visit Mosquito Shield online and enter your zip code in the top right of the screen. Each franchise is family-owned, and Dallas is fully covered for service!
    2. Make sure to use the code “DALLASMOMS” for $50 off your service.
    3. A representative will contact you to schedule your first spray.
    4. Get on the schedule and forget about mosquitos! My first spray was the only one I felt like I needed to be at home for. I wanted to meet the spray technician, and he walked around our property with me. I showed him our main outdoor living areas, and he offered suggestions on what we could do to help repel mosquitos between sprays. 

All of our services going forward will be when determine it is most needed and effective. They send you a text or email alert ahead of each spray as a heads up, but you really have no further responsibility or worry.

Enjoy your summer, the way it should be enjoyed… mosquito-free!



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