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Why You Need a Mom Friend, NOW

Motherhood can be such a lonely journey and we all need some sort of community to surround us. Motherhood is a sisterhood. Merriam-Webster Dictionary...

The 4 Types of Friends {Every Mom Needs}

Sometimes life gets busy, and it's all little league games, helping with homework, or trying to fit the latest house project in when you...

Why You {Need} a Galentine’s Day

Mommin' is hard.  We spend so much time keeping the tiny humans fed, entertained, bathed and, let's be honest, alive.  Sometimes it's hard to...

What’s Really Happening At Girls’ Night Out

These days, a night out with the girls looks a little different.  Dinner has to be scheduled post bedtime (#sorrynotsorry), conversation usually makes its...

An Open Letter to my Child-Free Friends

Dear Child-Free Friend(s): I feel terrible about the last 5 years. I feel that I owe you an apology, but also an explanation. I haven't...

The Day I Stopped Trying To Make New Friends

My husband and I moved back to Dallas 7 years ago and from the second our feet were firmly planted back in North Texas,...