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My friends know that I love to optimize my life to be productive and to make things easier on myself. I am no stranger to finding ways to simplify my life and to focus on what is most important. But, WOW, I was so impressed when I recently heard about Airtasker USA and how they can help busy parents tackle to-do lists.

Airtasker Dallas
Airtasker can help you finish that task on your to-do list.

I’ve seen Facebook mom groups fill up with requests for the most random tasks that need to be done around the house. I have my own random to-do list going right now! Things like finding a lifeguard for a pool party, getting curtains hemmed, tech support, and other activities that run the gamut of daily life tasks.

Meet Airtasker.

Airtasker is a gig platform where people can post any task and find local people to fill those tasks. It’s kind of like online dating for finding someone to assist you with whatever you need to get done.

So how does Airtasker work?

  • You create a quick profile outlining your task. Some people are very specific, and others don’t give as much detail. If you’re looking to hire someone, I recommend being as detailed as you can to set expectations. You make an offer as to what you’re willing to pay for the service you need. Then you hit “post.”
  • You wait for “taskers” to accept your task and give a brief (two or three sentences) pitch on why you should pick them.
  • Once you’ve gotten a few offers, you can pick the tasker you’d like to hire and connect with them on the platform. Easy peasy! You’ll send payment, and it will be held until the task is completed. If the task has grown in scope, you can also adjust and increase the payment.
  • After the task is complete, you release the payment to the person who performed the task.

In my former life as an event planner, things ran relatively smoothly. Yet every time I host a party for my own kids, I’m super stressed. Or glaring at my husband, trying to summon ESP to get him to take care of something pressing while I welcome the guests. I want to be able to enjoy the time with family and friends, but I’m always busy fetching drinks and wiping cake off my shirt.

Enter my “tasker” who I hired from Airtasker. She helped prepare for my son’s birthday party, ensured all the tables were set up and ready, put drinks on ice, served the pizza and cake, helped hand out drinks, and generally made the event SO much easier for me.

The best part was that she made sure to capture several family photos of us during the party—I never remember to do that! #proofofmom

As moms, it’s so easy to think we have to do all the things ourselves.

But sometimes the best place we can be is in the thick of things with our family (versus completing a list of tasks). Airtasker allowed me to stay present, and I’m so grateful. I look forward to posting future tasks and getting some things off my plate, so I can focus on what’s important.

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Your to-do list isn’t getting any shorter! Let Airtasker take the burden off to help you get anything done.



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