Summer Boredom Busters


Summer is here! Although you have probably been schooling your kiddos at home the excitement of summer break is still important. Many families have added evening walks and family game nights to the regular schedule of things, however, summer brings about many new challenges.  I mean, let’s face it, summer days are just long. What to do? 

Are you ready to venture out?

The Dallas Zoo, Sealife, and maybe even a staycation at Jade Waters may still be part of your 2020 Summer Bucket List, however, keeping those kiddos entertained ALL summer long is tricky! While boredom is a great place for the imagination to flourish, we still want to make sure they are not just resorting to staring at screens all summer long!

A Summer of Social Distance

Although the World seems to be opening back up, many concerns about health are still a growing concern.  Many families will be playing it safe by staying close to home and joining smaller playgroups to allow more distance. Therefore, I’ve compiled a few ideas I hope you and your kiddos will enjoy. Or grandkids!  Let’s bust that boredom with creativity, thrifty finds, and DIY’s that will blow them away!

Summer at Home

  1. Schedule– Knowing that routine is key, be one step ahead by creating summer screentime rules. With your schedule, you can build in creative expression time, reading time and so much more. Hey, you are even building character by adding in chores!!! Here is a free guide from The Pragmatic Parent.

    This is a picture of our quiet bags. The bags are full of activities and manipulatives to keep them quiet and busy during times like early morning or when I’m putting baby Olivia to sleep.
  2. STEM – We love this word! SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AND MATHEMATICS! With the many changes due to social distancing guidelines, you probably won’t be seeing many camps right off hand. Or, you may not want to venture out just yet. Either way, I got you covered.  From Target to KiwiCo, you are sure to find the perfect PROJECTS for all AGES! Walmart also has a nice shopping list of STEM projects that are budget-friendly.

    Create your own STEM camp in the comfort of your home!
  3. Cardboard Crafts – I’m sure we all have taken a cardboard box and created an afternoon of fun! If you haven’t, well, you are surely missing out. I actually save most of my large boxes and even snack boxes for creative playtime! Give them supplies and watch the magic happen. Check out this DIY list of amazing Cardboard Crafts.

    Levi is very hands-on. I usually save cardboard, paper towel rolls, lids, and other recyclable materials for him. This is a picture of his “Cardboard Mario Level!”
  4. Theme Weeks – Planning themes around your summer weeks is a great way to keep the weeks from melting into each other! For example, Animal week is all about animals. Watch documentaries, color pictures, create, add new toy animals to the sandbox, and maybe visit the zoo! Camping, Dinosaurs, Explorers, Craft & Create Week, just to name a few. Here is a Pinterest post to get you started.

    Pre-School Theme Activity – A is for Animals.
  5. Online Fun -There are tones of online learning opportunities out there for all ages. Mom, you got this. Here are 3 of my suggestions to get you started.
      1. Camp Wonderopolis is one of those sites that has it all! Don’t get lost!!
      2.  The Explorers Digital Camp is a digital camp with printable activities tiered for all ages.
      3.  Camp PBS Kids has got you covered with entertainment and learning!
      4. Printable Resources are also a great way to enjoy learning at home. These resources also can close gaps in learning before the new school year. Here are a few great sites. Primary Learning, Fun Learning for Kids, This Reading Mama, and for the older children Worksheet Fun has you covered.

Outside Fun

This list is all about good high energy fun! Outside family fun is not limited to walks in the park or a bike ride! Hey, there is nothing wrong with taking a walk, BUT, the sun is out and it is TIME…break out the water shooters and bubbles. Keep it moving! Here is a list of some of my family’s favorites!

Water guns and the great outdoors! As we begin to socialize again, this is a great way to keep kids active and enjoying the summer sun.
  1. Bubbles!!! Need I say more! I keep a stash of bubbles! But did you know that you can never grow out of bubbles? Check out the Giant Bubble Wand, and the Bubble Ball.
  2. Water Blasters. You can go high tech or dollar tree! Water blasters are absolutely fun and there is a tone of creative ways to enjoy a good water fight.
  3. Paddle Toss and Catch Ball Sets. These sets will keep you running and laughing. We ordered the Emoji Catcher Paddle from Amazon and it has been the most inexpensive most played with toy ever!! Great if you live in a close neighborhood, townhouse, or apartment.
  4. Art. Create your own art station outside! This will be a great way to enjoy the sun with the entire family. As you lead your own “Family Painting with a Twist.” There are tones of easy “how to paint a…” on youtube! Find one that works for your age group.

    Painting with a fun twist, outside in the sun and having a great time.
  5. DIY. Outside projects are fun and memorable! Sandboxes, Gardens, Balcony/ Patio Makeovers, and even Build a Treehouse. Speaking of gardens, did you know there are some amazing benefits to growing food with children? Not only are you teaching them about where food comes from but you are teaching responsibility!!! Check out this article for 12 Brilliant Reasons to Grow Food with Kids.

    Most packaged plants may suggest germinating plants indoors or in garden trays. Researching the time your seeds need to grow is very important.

What activities are you planning this summer?




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