Summer Berry Picking in Dallas


One of the things on our summer bucket list this year was finding a blueberry farm where we could pick our own berries. My toddler loves any kind of fruit, so I knew this would be the perfect outing for us. Early one morning, we loaded up the car and headed to the Twin Oaks Blueberry Farm in Campbell, Texas.

Blueberry Farm-7

Blueberry Farm-6

The farm is part of the Texas A&M University – Commerce Department of Agricultural Sciences. Depending on their crop, they have pick-your-own berry hours on Thursday-Saturday from 7 am to noon. 

When you arrive, you receive a bucket to collect your berries. They even have harnesses to wear the bucket so you can pick faster. My toddler wasn’t having any of that, though. He loved carrying the bucket around, and we only had one incident where he spilled our collection.

Blueberry Farm-4

It was fun teaching him to “only pick the blue ones” and it quickly became a game to see who could find the most ripe berries.

Blueberry Farm-30-2

Blueberry Farm-10

Make sure to call ahead before you go or check out their Facebook page for their current crop availability.

And here are a few more places you can check out for Pick-Your-Own Fruit:

Note: Please check crop availability and hours before driving all the way out to these orchards. We’d hate for anyone to be disappointed by no ripe crops for the picking!

And now, I’m off to make some blueberry muffins.

Have you ever picked berries during the summer?




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