Summer 2020 Send-Off Bucket List {FREE PRINTABLE}


Summer 2020, quite possibly the craziest summer some of us have ever experienced is coming to a close. I think it’s safe to say that the world is bubbling with anticipation for a change on the horizon with school start dates looming on the calendar. But we still have some summer left to savor!

No matter your opinions on school in the fall, I think we can all agree that the days among us have a special feeling. The last few days before a big change and a summer that wasn’t like any other before makes me feel a need to bottle this time up so that my kids and I remember them in their simplicity fondly. 

Even though these pandemic summer days can feel tragically long. It does seem like the summer sort of flew by. Maybe it was the monotony of doing the same thing day in and day out or the relief from a crazy semester of emergency distance learning but it does seem sort of insane that it is already August! I have put together an end of summer bucket list for you and your family to participate in together as we close out such an unforgettable summer. 

End of Summer Bucket List

1. Yes Day

One day and let your kid(s) take the reins on your daily activities! Say YES to any and all of their ideas!

2. Ice Cream Crawl

Visit a handful of local ice cream shops and get a sweet treat or some pints to go! Dallas Moms recently curated a list of local sweet treat stops that you can find here.

3. Bend Bedtime

Make some space in your schedule one evening and let your kid(s) stay up a little bit past their bedtime! Watch the sunset and catch some fireflies.

4. Go H20

Indulge in your favorite water activities one more time from the summer before they become a distant fall memory or try something new! Get a slip-n-slide or a new pool float which will probably be marked down come August!

5. Dear Me

Have your family write a letter to your future selves next summer. What you hope the world will look like, or memories from summer 2020 you want to remember come the summer days of 2021.

6. Power Down

Log off social media or make a plan to be screen free as a family for one whole weekend!

7. Take It Outside

Take one of your favorite activities outdoors! Set up an easel and paint outside with your kids, fill up the sidewalk with chalk art and summer memories, or take your family movie night outside!

8. Friendly competition

Create a family contest! Board games, baking, outdoor races, lego building – you name it! Make it a competition and the winner gets to pick dinner or dessert that night!

9. Picture perfect

Make a scrapbook of this unforgettable summer. Upload some of the pictures from your phone and create a photobook that will provide nostalgia for your family from a summer like any other. Chatbooks, blurb, and mpix are great options.!

10. Summer Sendoff

Plan a special end of summer dinner. Grill, try a new recipe, dress up your table with your finest china! Send off summer with a bang and take some family time around the table to talk about your favorite moments from the past few months and thoughts about the school year to come.

Here is a printable you and your family can use to keep track of everything you do as you wind down summer and celebrate in style! 


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