Struggling to Balance Work & Kids…Until I Found Someone Else to Drive!


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woman and child holding hands on a walk2021 was going to be my year, professionally. With the kids back in school, I was finally ready to re-enter the workforce. The truth is, I’ve loved being a stay-at-home mom—being present for all the milestones and watching my two kids grow from infant to toddler to full-fledged human beings. But I was beginning to feel like I’d put my own growth on hold for long enough. I wanted to regain the other bits that make me “me.”

I started to pick up freelance work from my old company, and before I knew it, I was back to 9 to 5. What a way to make a living, right?

My fun, freelance side hustle had metastasized into a chain of Zoom meetings and Slack channels. As thrilled as I was to be finding success, everything was out of balance now. I would turn my camera off so I could take meetings in the car while driving the kids to soccer practice or dance class. Constantly juggling work with shuttling from activity to appointment to grocery shopping. My attention span was short and my temper was shorter. Dinners I used to cook from scratch with my favorite food bloggers were now from the freezer or a box or…a drive-thru.

kidcaboo kids rideshare appNot too long ago, I stumbled down a rabbit hole and ended up reading about Rebecca Lock, a working mom who had dealt with the same work/family frustrations. Her solution? Kidcaboo. She founded a rideshare app with Driving Nannies who pick your kid up and deliver them to school, appointments—even their dad’s house—and bring them back home again, too.

Was it too good to be true? Was there really a fairy godmother with a wand who could give me two hours back in my day? What was the catch? What about safety?


When I looked into it, I learned that their Driving Nannies are heavily vetted and required to have at least three years of experience in professional childcare. They are also well-trained, even in CPR. And here’s something I love: They have high-tech cameras in the car that monitor their driving as well as the kids’ safety! When you book a ride on the app, you can track your kids along the way.

Want to give Kidcaboo a try for free? SIGN UP HERE!

Kidcaboo driving nannies helping kids, Kidcaboo kids rideshare appOkay, so I booked a ride. Just to try it out. We met the Driving Nanny (ours is Alyssa, and now my kids know her as well as their old babysitter), and she strapped them into the booster seats in her car. She showed me how to monitor the ride from my house to dance class. My daughter was so comfortable with it, she scoffed when I bent down to kiss her goodbye. Bye, Mom. Get over it already! With a smile, Alyssa started the car, and they were off. I watched the little blip bounce through the map streets on the app until she arrived. Voila! Alyssa even gave me a courtesy call to let me know all had gone well. Needless to say, I’m sold.

No more shushing the kids in the car so I can pretend to be paying attention to work meetings. No more driving around looking for parking. No more dropping everything to get back in the car and pick up from soccer practice. It’s like having an on-call chauffeur who just happens to be a super-fun babysitter. Now, if someone could just help me out with dinner…

From now until the end of February, Kidcaboo is offering a FREE FIRST RIDE for all Dallas Moms readers who sign up. Download the app and create your profile now!


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