Stay Cool, Dallas Moms :: 6 Summer Popsicle Recipes


popsicleIt’s hot y’all. It’s summer, in Dallas, and it is HOT. You would think that after a lifetime of living in this city I would be used to the blazing Texas heat but every July it hits me hard and I find myself reaching for any and every cold treat that will help keep my cool during these scorching summer months. Popsicles have become a family favorite around here – providing some much needed refreshment during the long summer afternoons.

Last summer we discovered the best popsicle molds ever and have been obsessed with making our own sweet frozen treats ever since! A friend recommended this ring pop popsicle mold and I  bought that as well as the full sized pop mold and have been so impressed by both. My criteria for at-home popsicle molds really comes down to how easy it is to extract the pop and a simple clean up. I have yet to have a popsicle not come out of one of these molds or have a full-sized pop break while I’m pulling it out! We currently have some leftover Honest juice pouch popsicles freezing as I type this and making pops is probably one of my favorite things to do with leftover juices and drinks from entertaining.

Here are some of our family favorite popsicle recipes that I hope will be a sweet pick-me-up to your summer afternoons or post-dinner treats!

  • Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles
    This is a great recipe for when you have some watermelon that might be a day or two away from going bad and produce that needs to be used up!
  • Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles
    I am always trying to find ways to pack in more protein into my kiddos’ diet and if I can sneak some into a popsicle by way of greek yogurt then I am all for it!
  • Blueberry Spinach Greek Yogurt Popsicles
    YummyToddlerFood is one of my all time favorite kid recipe resources. Her food is simple, healthy, and seriously delicious for everyone in the family!
  • 2 Ingredient Pineapple and Cream Popsicles
    I would swap the coconut milk for coconut cream – or do half and half for the recipe to make the popsicles a little bit more decadent. When using full fat coconut milk make sure to pour the cream and the water into a bowl and blend it together using an immersion blender until it is completely combined!
  • Cake Batter Popsicles
    These are on the more indulgent side and definitely more of a sweet vs. healthy – but we all need a yummy treat sometimes and my kids love the sprinkles!
  • Nutella Coolwhip Popsicles
    This is another option that is on the sweeter side. This is a recipe that is SO easy and simple, and a definite crowd pleaser.

Cooking in the kitchen with small kids can be an overwhelming experience and if you haven’t tried it yet with your kids I highly suggest going the popsicle route! It’s an easy intro into measuring, pouring, sorting, and blending. Making pops is also not a lengthy hands-on process – the longest part is waiting for them to freeze! Other useful tools in the popsicle making process, this measuring cup has the best spout for pouring into popsicle molds, kids kitchen knife set for chopping up fruit, and the Oster Versa blender for blending up ingredients! My kids love picking out the fruit and flavors that will go into their popsicles, and being a part of the making process in turn makes them more eager to eat them later – healthy ingredients and all!

Enjoy your popsicles and stay cool, Dallas moms!


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