Spirit, Let’s Hear It! Fun Mom Spirit Wear for Game Day

I’m the mom of 2 high school football players, and a third kid that travels between baseball, golf and tennis these days.  And luckily this year they all attend the same school which allows me a little more flexibility in my high school athletics wardrobe selection….meaning, I can buy all the same color and wear it to more of their games.  
Y’all… I’m talking mom spirit wear.  And I’m talking everything from custom shirts to cute dresses to the most adorable team colored tennies and jewelry.  Who says jeans and tshirts have to be the mom uniform at games?  
Though I’m all for buying the spirit shirts that the teams and clubs sell as fundraisers, I like to add a little of my own touch to the Friday Night Lights. 
My first rule of mom spirit wear is this… team colors are everything.  So go ahead and Google the heck out of your child’s team colors and see what you find.  I bought the most adorable tie dye green and white maxi skirt off of Poshmark last year and it’s on regular rotation at all the sports involving a Walters.  I also found that the fun brand that Target carries right now, Universal Thread, has some great tops in solid colors that work well in place of a plain team name tee.  I bought a sleeveless kelly green sweater from this line in the spring and it has definitely seen its fair share of high school gyms and stadiums.  Go Bryan Adams Cougars!
Another of my regular places to search is eBay.  I found a really cute vintage kelly green dress here a few weeks ago, for mega-cheap, and many of the sellers offer returns if something doesn’t fit.  So many unique items that I’m sure no one else is wearing to Friday’s game.  That’s my kind of spirit wear. 
How about a cute pair of Converse in your team colors?  
I’m not big on jewelry unless it involves a giant diamond, but for my kids…anything.  Oh my gosh, shop all the discount stores for things in your kids’ team colors, but then take a look on etsy at the hundreds of creative jewelry sellers out there.  I found myself online dreaming a little too long at this etsy store:  team color earrings, bracelets, and sports charms.  Can you say, “Give me one of everything please” 3 times fast? 
And if you’re like me and freeze after the sun goes down, Fall football requires a stadium blanket.  May as well make it a cute one, right?  Here’s one I found on etsy that I think I just might need.  And trust me that you will one day arrive at a game all super cute, but desperately under prepared for a major weather event to hit before half time, and forever have another great story to tell.  
THIS custom football shirt ( that also comes in other sports, too) is the all in all of cute basic mom wear to a game.  You can pick your sport and your team colors. I guess I’ll take one in all the sports, please? 
And let me say that I fell in love with this retro glam sweater that looks like I should be on the cheer squad in 1960 something.  Not your team colors?  Take this cute idea and search etsy and poshmark and ebay and thrift stores and go forth and be adorable.  
And last but not least, I would if I could y’all, buy up all the standard team spirit shirts and make them into one of everything on this etsy site.  Dresses, skirts, rompers…you name it.  Makes me want to sing the school fight song while wearing cowboy boots and looking precious.  
It’s been more fun with high school sports than it ever was with little league or pee wee anything…if you’re not there yet, wait for it.  But putting this out there on public record so as not to embarrass my kids: as much as I love a good spirited outfit, I always stop short of anything that spells out my kid’s name in sparkly letters on my lower backside region.  The South of France, as it were, and yes, I’ve actually seen that happen.  Use your imagination.  I also give a big negative nod to anything that jingles, except for a good old fashioned Homecoming mum, because this is Texas and every girl should jingle and sparkle her way through that whole weekend without regret.   
I’ve got a senior, a junior and a freshman this year… and I’m pulling out all the fun stops as my days as a sidelines mom are running low.  So many choices, so little high school time.   May as well look amazing and enjoy it while I can. 


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