My Son Loves to Get Pedicures, And Other Things That Shouldn’t Matter

my son loves to get pedicures
First Pedicures!

What’s more fun than gold toes like C3PO?  White toes like R2D2!  Or black like Darth Vadar!!

Surely my son isn’t the first 5 year old boy who didn’t want to be left out when his sisters and mom all got a pedicure.  

My son also loves to play with baby dolls.  He and his sister change their diapers, feed them, and rock them to sleep.  He says he’s the daddy and she’s the mommy.  And lately when I ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he says “a daddy!(*swoon*)

He was also the first one to run around in the red fairy wings his sister got for her birthday.  She wanted nothing to do with them, so he wore them all evening.  He even brandished the fairy wand for a while.  (And that was not his first time in fairy wings either!)

boy in fairy wings
His first pair of fairy wings. Age 3.

And the hip hop dance class I put him in is his favorite. 

We also have pool noodle light-saber battles all day every day.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been hit in the face with a pool noodle since we made those for his birthday. 

He can still get lost in his world of Thomas the Trains and play for hours. 

Among his favorite shows to watch on TV — LEGO Star Wars and Sofia the First are top contenders.  Umizoomi, Doc McStuffins, My Little Ponies, and Octonauts are also pretty high up there. 

We make sure our daughters know they can do anything they want.  We encourage them to play the sports they want, be interested in science and engineering, become president or a stay at home mom.  It’s up to them and nobody can tell them they can’t! 

And I want the same for my son.  He can be Darth Vader or a Fairy.  He can be a daddy when he grows up and a doctor.  And, if he’s smart, he’ll keep getting pedicures when he grows up — because why do women hog them anyway?  They massage your legs and feet, it feels great!  

I’d love for someone to see my son’s toes and simply say “cool toes dude” without looking at me sideways or waiting for an explanation.  He’s a kid!  I want him to try new things, decide for himself (within reason) what he likes and dislikes and not have to fit into society’s mold of what a boy should look like.   I want gender equality for my son as well as my daughter!

Boys can like pedicures too.  Even his daddy does.


  1. Bravo! I’m just an ordinary guy’s guy, with the exeption of one thing… the red nail polish on my toes! Pedicures are fun and make my feet look a whole lot less gross. Trust me, polish can make anyone’s toes pop! My wife just took our four-year old son for his first pedicure and when she asked him what kind of polish he wanted, he said “Red, like daddy’s!” It won’t screw them up. I didn’t “turn gay” or anything. And even down the road, if little Jackson identifies as a gay person, we’ll love him regardless and not blame the polish.

    PS Yoda Green is always a fun color to paint with!

    • LOVE this comment so much!! My son just picked spicy gold and sparkly red! He still loves the pedicures!! He also kinda really likes one of the girls on his soccer team. Neither are a big deal. But both are adorable. 🙂

  2. I heart this post so much! You basically put into words what I feel on a regular basis because we are also our 4 year old son on those same lines. He loves his Rescuebots as much as his Disney Princesses, and while we know there will be questions, we are more than happy to let him be Judy Hopps from Zootopia if he desires it. The mother’s at our dance studio were floored that he wanted to do dance instead of me putting him in because I wanted it. Even though we are not defining him by gender, others do, and it wears me thin to have to explain every single decision we make or dealing with the bullying he has revived. Thank you so much for letting me know that there are more people than my small group of friends that think the same as us.

    • I missed this comment, but I LOVE it! Thank you for your story and I love that you fight for him so hard! He’s going realize it and love it himself one day soon! We’re rocking sparkly toes currently and I couldn’t be more proud!


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