Soccer Family Survival Guide by Post Cereals {Giveaways Galore!}

**This post has been sponsored by Post Cereal to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

I am only a year in on my “soccer mom” journey, but I went in way underprepared and found myself struggling on Saturdays to keep up. However, each Saturday I kept seeing these moms who had it way more together than me, and I set out to get my soccer mom game stronger. A quick search on the internet, and I found that the Post Cereals brand really supports soccer and soccer families.

Here are my soccer mom survival guide tips with the help of Post Cereals:

Post Cereals

Build Your Own Survival Kit (or enter to win one!)

My best tip is to have a bag ready to grab each time you head out the door for your soccer activities. These are the things I keep in mine at all times:

  • bandaids
  • wet wipes
  • triple antibiotic
  • sunscreen
  • hat and some cheap sunglasses (in case I forget mine)
  • ice pack (grab as you head out the door or throw in a cooler for a long day on the field)
  • water bottles (fill up as you head out the door)
  • extra clothes, socks, shoes for your little player

During the month of July, we are partnering with Post Cereals to giveaway a survival kit to our followers. Watch our social media for more!

Make Snacks the Night Before

Post Cereals is more than just a traditional breakfast option. Their website has tons of snack ideas that can fuel your family for your days out on the soccer fields. Here are my favorite make-ahead snacks. I will make these and package them up the night before. They are usually in my Survival Kit the night before.

post cereals

This granola is quick, easy, and oh so tasty! You can keep it for up to two weeks, but ours has never lasted quite that long.

Peanut Butter & Cocoa PEBBLES™ Cereal plus some peanut butter, water, and oats. I usually have everything I need in my pantry and don’t have to make any special trips to the store.




These Apple-Walnut Muffins are the best breakfast for those early morning rushes out the door. Our summer sports days start at 8am, so it is hard for me to feed my family a sit-down breakfast. 

I don’t mind making these ahead of time and having them ready for us to eat in the car on the way to practices and games. They make my house smell so good too! 

Set Out Everyone’s Clothes the Night Before

Yes, Momma, even yours. This just makes everything so much easier. Uniforms make it easy to know what kiddos are wearing, but laying everything out the day or night before will ensure that there isn’t a last minute rush to find socks or realize a bag wasn’t unpacked from the week before and now everything needs to be washed. SAVE YOURSELF and do it the day before.

Keep Chairs in the Car

We use our camping chairs so often on the weekends that I have just started leaving them in the back of my SUV. We don’t ever have to worry about forgetting them anymore. 

Along those lines, I have started keeping an outdoor blanket and our wagon in the back of my SUV as well just to be safe. I realize that not everyone wants a soccer mom station in the back of their car, but if you can be more prepared at all times, you find yourself in fewer binds.

Let Post Cereals Help Your Family Love Soccer Even More

Post CerealsPost Cereals really loves soccer and soccer families. They have a multi-year partnership with MLS Soccer and love supporting young children in their love of the game. The are the official cereal of MLS Soccer and their cereal boxes are almost like collectors items right now.

Post Cereals Soccer Mom survival kitYou can find limited edition MLS cereal packages this summer with collectible Topps MLS player card cut-outs on the back of the boxes. When you pick up Post Cereals in stores starting in July, you can use your Ibotta app to not only save money but also be entered for a chance to win a $25 or $100 eGift Card!

Plus, Post Cereals is giving away two Soccer Mom Survival Kits. To enter, WATCH & COMMENT on our Facebook Live video before June 28, 2019!

Post wants to celebrate soccer with you and your families and be there to help fuel your All-Star player on and off the field.



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