Soar Into Healthy Habits: Indoor Obstacle Course Fun!


Dallas Moms Blog is excited to partner with Dallas metroplex The Little Gym locations for a weekly sponsored series on children’s health and fitness!


1 hour. 60 Minutes. 3600 seconds. That’s how much time a kiddo should be moving around, every single day. Yeah, I know there are days we don’t hit the mark.  Here in Texas, especially during the winter, the weather is a little unpredictable (insert snort of laughter here) so it could be 75 degrees on Tuesday and be 30 degrees by Thursday. On the days your youngster isn’t in school, or at dance class or soccer practice, and the weather isn’t cooperating, it’s all about sneaking activity into the day disguised as play. Because honestly, who wants to be active when it’s freezing cold? Nope, we want to stay snuggled in pajamas, with a fire roaring, binge-watching Netflix on demand.

At my house, we’ve been wanting to experiment with indoor obstacle courses. My oldest is a high-octane, super-charged kiddo and she needs to burn that daily dose of energy. Otherwise, it’ll be 9:30pm and she’s still twiddling her thumbs, staring at her glow-in-the-dark stars. So when I set up a series of physical activities, she was totally up for the challenge.

Check out the layout of our first course. 


Just looking at the different obstacles makes me tired!


M was totally up for it. She insisted we chant, “Ready, Set, Go!” Here she is crawling through on her first attempt. 


Second stop, a dribbling challenge. She’s been playing soccer for almost two years now, so this was a snap. But still a lot of fun. 


Next stop: jumping over the rope. This had to be her favorite part. She came back to this section of the course again. 


And again . . .


And again!


So with just a few pieces of gear (found laying around the house, BTW), we were able to create a physical activity right in our own front room. For the days we can’t make it to the playground, or the days we don’t get out to school, we’ve found our new way to get little hearts pumping. Don’t have a tunnel? Or cones? No worries, there are so many ways to make an obstacle course! I’ve collected some of my favorites to share with you, dear reader. Which one will you try the next time getting outside isn’t an option? 

Flag Tape Obstacle Course: I’m digging this course from mama Jaime of Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails , it’s like James Bond is giving your kids a serious spy-training boot camp.

Learning Obstacle Course: The activities masters over at Hands On As We Grow nailed this one. Not only is this a body moving activity but the kids get a little learning thrown in too(shhh!)

Furniture Obstacle Course:  From Crumbbuns, this course uses furniture as gear, probably one of the easiest(and just as fun!) way to get kids moving around. 

Move and Groove Obstacle Course: This one from Expat With Kids, is so cool because each stop requires kids to do something different. From crawling like an ant to riding a tricycle, there’s no doubt your little will get their daily dose.  

* * * * *

It’s not a coincidence that The Little Gym classes in the Dallas metroplex are timed the way they are! Taking the child’s best interests into play, The Little Gym has created programs that allow your child to have fun, let loose, and release that energy!  If you’re looking for a way to do all of the above out of the house, visit your neighborhood The Little Gym

Please Note: The Little Gym is graciously sponsoring our “Soar into Healthy Habits” series…and we would not have it any other way! We are passionate about all that they are doing for children and moms, and we encourage you to contact them to to try an introductory experience to help support you in keeping your kids healthy and happy!

To learn more about The Little Gym’s programs for ages 4 months to 12 years, make sure to visit their website or contact a location nearest you!

You’ll find The Little Gym at the following locations throughout the Dallas metroplex:
• Preston & Forest; Dallas
• Mockingbird & Abrams; Dallas
• Preston & Park; Plano
• Preston & Stonebrook; Frisco


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