Six Goals for Turning Thirty


I’m about a month away from turning thirty and I’m financially stable, I have a retirement plan where I’m contributing at least 12%, my living will is in place and I’ve figured out how to invest in the future of my children. I’m healthy, fit and I could not be more on top of my water intake game. I hardly even doubt myself anymore and I have access to a robust amount of confidence. After all, this is 30, and this is exactly how I envisioned it to be 10 years ago. Bless my poor little heart. I’m far from this but I know the road that needs to be paved.

Welcoming a New Season in Life

I had dinner with a girlfriend and asked her “What’s wrong with me? I feel like my life is falling apart at a time when I should have it together – especially at thirty, right?” She didn’t even think twice and said “It’s a new SEASON IN LIFE, you’re just getting adjusted to it. There is nothing wrong with that.” Her words made me look at myself in a whole new light. There is nothing wrong with me, it’s a new season and I just need to own it. And I own things the only way I know how, by making achievable realistic goals for myself.

So, here we go…

My goals for turning thirty – because why waste an epic decade:

  1. Take Financial Responsibility to the Next Level

Y’all, please don’t make me feel bad about this because I know some have financial planning all together – but I’m not quite there. I spend a lot of time driving so I lined up a few podcasts trying my best to understand retirement, investments and planning for my children’s education. I’m not a “numbers” person so this area can become overwhelming to me, but now that I have children who depend on my husband and I, we need to figure it out so we are starting by familiarizing ourselves with common concepts that can help us grow.

  1. Make Healthy Choices

I hear 30’s is the new 20’s so I guess better start feeling 20 again! I’m excited about my first gym membership and I have an accountability partner – my sister in law. It’s so nice to have a partner both inside and outside of my home. My husband motivates me at home and my sister-in-law keeps me accountable on my physical activity. Let me make something very clear – this goal is for ME. I want to look and feel good and build a sustainable habit out of it.

  1. Find Mentors

I find myself reminiscing about my college years and how mentors played a fundamental role in my life. Now that I’m turning thirty, I find myself in need of finding a mentor now more than ever. When life gets tough find people who have overcome similar hurdles to learn and grow from their walk of life. One thing never changes – we should support others and feed them experiences.

  1. Encourage Everyone

My focus will remain strong on encouraging others around me. I desire to build others up and yes, I’d like encouragement myself. I find glee in simple encouragement such as when my 2-year-old says, “you’re awesome, mom.” We ourselves, especially as mother’s, are our own worst critic and so meticulous in the way we do life. I’m focused on encouraging to instill these positive vibes all around me and my circle.     

  1. Appreciate Friends 

This is something I never thought I’d say…I’m OK with my friendship circle. I know many can relate to a weird time with friends when milestones such as marriage or children enter the picture. I’d think to myself “where did all my friends go”? I’ve come to believe the right people enter our lives at the right time for the rights reasons…I’ll leave that to God’s plan. In this area of my life, I will continue to seek out my friends without expecting or demanding it back.

  1. Invest My Time Wisely

I’m finding great ways to say “no” when I need to. Truth is – I have 2 toddlers and feel very limited on my time in this world. In simple words, I need to invest my time with my family first before I take on more or add to my calendar.

[highlight]New seasons in life are new reasons to celebrate so I’m stepping into my thirties like…[/highlight]






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