Self Care through Fitness at Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center {+ A Free Event!}

**This post has been sponsored by Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center. All opinions are 100% our own!**

With motherhood comes a whole slew of emotions, responsibilities, joys and typically the loss of personal time. Taking care of the little ones in our lives can be an all consuming task and I find that when I take time for  self care by way of fitness, my whole family benefits – not just myself. I have always enjoyed the physical benefits of regular exercise, but after having children of my own I realized just how necessary moving my body is to my mental well being as well. In order to nurture those around you well, you have to make sure you yourself are nurtured first. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, working mom, stay-at-home dad, grandmother, or nanny – any and all caretakers in the Dallas area can benefit from the classes and community being offered at the Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center.

Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center is striving to build strong relationships between those who nurture the youngest of our Dallas population by providing class offerings, gym facilities, and an aquatics center all located within a fun, healthy, empowering environment. The Fitness Center offers pre- and post-natal fitness classes as well as Mommy and Me classes, truly taking you through every stage of fitness while your baby develops both inside and outside of the womb. I love that their community is so inclusive in realizing that not everyone in Dallas is a stay-at-home mom and that all nannies, caretakers, and grandparents are welcome to benefit from their facilities as well!

Some of the offerings that caught my eye:

  • Moms on the Move: Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Program:
    With my first pregnancy I participated in Zumba classes and routine gym workouts but I really didn’t realize how my workouts needed to change along with my ever changing physique. Pre- and post-natal fitness classes are a wonderful resource no matter the stage of your pregnancy or postpartum journey. A lot changes in the 9 months leading up to baby as well as after baby is born!
  • Swim Instruction: 
    Water safety is a big priority in our family and we want all of our children to feel safe, comfortable, and confident in the water. Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center offers group child swim instruction ranging in ages 6 months – 9 years as well as adult classes! They also have a non competitive swim team and summer day camps. If your child (or yourself!) tends to do better in smaller instructional settings they also offer one-on-one lessons.
  • Massage Therapy: 
    Do I really need to explain why the words ‘Massage Therapy’ caught my attention? If you take care of small children – running around all day, hunched over, picking up people, changing diapers, or being the chauffeur that is taking everyone to their extracurricular activities – odds are YOU could benefit from a massage! A nice 50 minute Mother-to-Be massage would be perfect right about now for this pregnant mama!

If you can’t decide which class to take or you want to look into multiple class offerings look into their Fitness Plus Membership program. Taking care of yourself is important. You are worth the time and investment so that you can in turn give to those you love. Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center wants to help you exceed your health expectations, build community with other moms and caretakers in the Dallas area and serve your children and family in a holistic, fun, safe way so that all of your fitness goals and needs are met!

Readers of Dallas Moms Blog can take advantage of an exclusive offer to get to know the Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center for two weeks this fall! 

Register to attend the fitness center between October 1 and October 14!



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