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I’ve always been what I guess you could call a “yoyo fitness” person. I would get amped up about a new workout routine or gym class and then within a month or two fall off the wagon and resort back to my comfort zone of a sporadic jog accompanied by the common, “Oh, I’ll just cut back on sweets.” Sound familiar? So, the fact that I have stuck with a workout program for over NINE months makes me finally feel it’s not a fluke.

It’s a miracle I’m getting my butt out of the house but let alone sweating? It’s seriously happening…religiously. And did I mention I’m pregnant right now too?

I’m ready to share my secret workout weapon: I give you Baby Boot Camp. I get it, my first reaction was also, “Boot Camp? With my baby? That sounds miserable.” But after one class I was determined and hooked. Here’s why:

Personal Training Style – Postpartum & During Pregnancy

I’ll never forget showing up to my first class and working out beside a mom who was EIGHT MONTHS pregnant with her second child! Talk about pregnancy goals. I take such comfort in knowing my instructors are certified and knowledgeable about how to train my postpartum and now pregnant body. And there is definitely a “personal trainer” touch to the workouts including modifications and ongoing conversations about personal health. Not to mention, no class is exactly the same which always keeps your body guessing and muscles sore…I mean strong.

DMB - My Secret Workout Weapon - A Baby Boot Camp ReviewNo More Childcare Anxiety

The concept of “my workout time is for ‘me’” quickly turned into “anxiety central” when I had a clingy (I mean very lovey…) baby. Half of my workout consisted of me running back to peek through the playroom window. It literally kept me away from the gym. Not to mention the constant sniffles we would battle the next few days after she rummaged around in the toy chest of germs.

With Baby Boot Camp you actually keep your kid(s) with you the whole time. I was skeptical at first but not a class goes by that the instructor isn’t calling out routines while holding or strolling someone’s baby or blowing bubbles with a toddler so mamma can focus on herself. Not to mention, the routine grows with your child’s routine.

Class times fit around school drop-off/pick-up schedules and babies nap through the workout so it doesn’t interrupt with their sleep schedule.

Setting A Good Example

One of my favorite things has been to watch my daughter mimic us at class. Seeing her try to skip, dance and lunge melts my heart and reminds me what a good example we are setting for our littles. They are actually partaking in fitness and watching us make healthy choices versus just talking about them. The fact that she will know what a burpee is by the time she hits kindergarten is a major fitness win…although I’m sure it will quickly be followed up with, “That’s mommy’s least favorite.”

DMB - My Secret Workout Weapon - A Baby Boot Camp ReviewNo Judgement

Child is cranky and teething? Need to breastfeed in the middle of class? Running 15 minutes behind schedule? We get it! I have never been in a workout scenario where I have literally felt no judgement until Baby Boot Camp. Even yoga studios where the focus is supposed to be solely on “your practice” still felt like a personal challenge to bend my leg more than the person next to me. But at Baby Boot Camp there has honestly been nothing but encouragement and above all, understanding, when it comes to how far and how hard I push myself that day.

The fact that we’ve all made it there with kids in tow is a victory in itself.

Mom Community

Baby Boot Camp is not just a workout routine, it’s also a mom community. Just like those meet ups and church groups, it’s been another community for me to get advice, share stories and even partake in extra play dates and mom’s night outs. Not to mention, it’s a personal motivator to get me to class on those tough days.

With gym classes I often thought, “Eh, no one will notice, it’s not a big deal to miss.” But with Boot Camp we are involved in each other’s lives and do enjoy catching up and watching the kids play together. There’s never any pressure to come every time but it’s always nice to know it’ll be familiar faces surrounding you and sharing in the latest eye roll toddler moment.


Find Your Nearest Dallas Metroplex Baby Boot Camp Today

Celina, Fairview & McKinney

This location services Celina, McKinney, Prosper, and Fairview. Classes meet at Bonnie Wenk Park (2996 Virginia Parkway McKinney, TX 75070) & Celina – Light Farms (1234 Homestead Celina TX ).

Allen, Plano & Frisco

This location services Allen, Plano, & Frisco Classes meet at Stonebriar Centre (2601 Preston Rd, Frisco, TX 75034).

Plano, Wylie, & Murphy

This location services Carrollton, Plano, Murphy, and Wylie. Classes meet at 6121 West Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093, 701 E FM 544, Murphy, TX 75094 OR Outside: 851 Hensley Land Wylie, TX 75098, Karna Fitness @ The Preston Meadow Park (4380 Lorimar Dr, Plano TX 75093), & Restore the Core Murphy (205 N Murphy Rd, Murphy, TX 75094). 

North Dallas & Richardson

This location services North Dallas & Richardson. Classes meet at CityLine (3661 N. Plano Road, Suite 2500 Richardson, TX 75082), Heights Recreation Center (711 W Arapaho Rd, Richardson, TX 75080), & Galleria Dallas (13350 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75240). 


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