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SchwansTruck Have you seen this truck driving around your neighborhood?

I’m sure you have! Not only has Schwan’s has been around since 1952, but it’s hard to miss this moving freezer on wheels.

Last Wednesday, seeing this truck pull up in front of my home gave me an overwhelming sense of relief! 

Confession: Since our second child was born last January, we’ve been in survival mode. We cook at home when we can, but fast food and cheap dinners’ out were beginning to become the norm rather than the exception. In an effort to put an end to the spending (and for the sake of our health), I decided it was time to get serious and get back into the kitchen!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying my best to stick to our family budget.  Although it’s been great for our wallets, it’s been a beating on me. Tired of the same ol’ menu, I’ve been trying to come up with a new meals to cook each night, and after two weeks of recipe searching, daily grocery shopping, and fighting the never-ending battles at dinner time, I’d reached a point where I was done. I couldn’t bare the thought of spending another night stressing over the stove while battling a “pant-leg puller!”

That’s when Schwan’s came to my rescue! Jenny wrote about her memories of the “Schwan’s Man” (and other online grocers) back in 2012, but after a simple online order, I was excited to finally be able to experience my own “Schwan’s Man.”  And not only did I have that dream-like scene of a kind man walking up to my door with my groceries in hand, but he had that night’s dinner too.

Not familiar with Schwan’s? Think you already know what it’s all about? I encourage you to visit their site and give it a try for the first time… or again, and make dinner (and your life) easy! 

Of course, it doesn’t get much simpler than having meals delivered to your door on a biweekly basis.


Schwan’s is well-known for their prepared entrees, but if you’re thinking it’s similar to those premade meals in the frozen aisle of your local grocer, then you’d be wrong!

All of Schwan’s meals are made-from-scratch from fresh restaurant-quality ingredients. The food is “flash frozen” so there’s no long, drawn out freezing process that often causes food to taste…well, frozen.

Schwans Rigatoni

For dinner that night, I served Chicken Alfredo Rigatoni Skillet Meal and it received my husband’s approval. As with most of Schwan’s meals, it took less than 30 minutes to make from beginning to end and required only 1 dish.

In the future, I’m excited to try more items off of their LiveSmart menu that my family will also enjoy like the Bruschetta Pizza and Chicken Enchiladas.

While premade meals are definitely the way to go sometimes, browsing the Schwan’s site, I was impressed to discover that I didn’t always have to purchase ready-made frozen meals.

If I wanted to do my own cooking at home, Schwan’s provides a wide selection of basic groceries and ingredients–and sometimes even better than what you’ll find in the grocery store! For example, Schwan’s offers a 5 pound bag of 20 boneless, skinless (pretrimed!) chicken breasts. This isn’t processed meat; it’s 100% natural chicken breasts served in a resealable bag. Whenever I’m throwing dinner together, I can grab the number I need and all I have to do is defrost before throwing chicken into one of my meals.

Other grocery items include freshly frozen seasonal fruit or veggies, meats (fish, chicken, or beef), breads, and cheeses. There’s also other common freezer items such as roasted sweet potatoes, Asian stir fry vegetables, and sweet or savory appetizers or desserts.

I know what you’re about to say. . . Schwan’s private labels, delivery service, premade meals, so it has to be more expensive than my grocery store. Again, not true!

Without naming names, I did a little price checking the last time I went shopping and while you can definitely save here and there by catching the sales and couponing, Schwan’s pricing is competitive with most chains. Just as an example, one of the quality frozen pepperoni pizzas at Tom Thumb can run upwards of $9 (and up to $16 with any delivery/carryout location), but Schwan’s sells the same 8 slice, oven-baked crust Pepperoni pizza for $7.79.

Another example, a beloved Texas brand 1/2 gallon ice cream will sell for $6.99+ if you don’t catch it on sale. Schwan’s famous gourmet flavored ice creams like Peanut Butter Candy Crunch or Dark Sweet Cherry start at $5.69 for just under a 1/2 gallon or $10.69 for a full gallon. There’s definitely savings to be had because delivery with Schwan’s is basically free! Delivery is only $1.75 no matter how much you order. 

Bonus: Each time you shop with Schwan’s, you earn points worth 5% back from every purchase to use on any future order.

Whether you plan to use Schwan’s every night or on those nights when you just need a break, it’d definitely worth giving a try! With their wide selection of meals from kids’ chicken nuggets to vegetarian salads, there’s something on their truck for everyone!

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Have you given Schwan’s Home Delivery a try?

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