Ringing in 2017: A Kid-Friendly New Years Party



After doing some research, I am actually looking forward to doing a New Years Eve Party this year WITH kids! It will take some planning beforehand but it is sure to be fun and memorable for all.  Below is a sampling of some of the great ideas I found in my research. 

  1. Make Surprise bags for each hour: Attach them to balloons so that the kids have a visual the closer it gets to midnight! As the clock strikes each hour, they pop a balloon and get to open the bag!  Some ideas to put inside the bags: A New Years Even scavenger hunt, an age-appropriate game like Apples to Apples Jr. or Candy Land, supplies for a New Years Eve craft (see #3 for some ideas) or a fun snack! 
  2. New Years Eve Time Capsules: An alternative to this would be a New Years Eve video. All you do is either fill out the same questionnaire each year or ask the same questions each year and record it on your phone. HERE is a cute free printable that I found.  Make sure you make time to look through the previous year’s time capsule as a family if you have one! 
  3. Craft time: There are so many ideas out there for crafts. A few of my favorites include making your own noise makers, New Years resolution party hats, or even your own countdown clock
  4. Photo booth: All you need is a white sheet, cute tablecloth,  or blank wall for the backdrop. You will find a TON of cheap photo booth printables on Etsy that you can download and print! Have your kids help you cut them out and then attach to a popsicle or craft stick.  If you have a polaroid or Instax camera, your guests will have some cute memories to take home with them that night! 
  5. Kid-Friendly Toast: Instead of champagne, have a cookies and milk toast at midnight! 

I would love to know some other cute ideas to keep the kids awake (and entertained) until midnight! 


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