Richardson Dentistry for the Whole Family


Everyone knows the best way to find a good, reliable doctor, dentist, babysitter, or whatever service you are looking for is to ask around. Once you start hearing the same name pop up, that’s who you want to trust!

That is exactly what we did when it came time to take our 2 year old to the dentist for the first time.

We heard about Richardson Dentistry  from the same friends that recommended both the OB and the pediatrician that we have now used and loved for years. We were sure we could trust their stamp of approval, and we were right.

Child Richardson DentistryRichardson Dentistry was a great experience from the moment we arrived to the moment we left with a shining-smiled toddler. The receptionists were extra gracious to me (with my nursing newborn in tow), and even went out of their way to provide activities for my toddler as we waited.

It wasn’t long before we were back in the exam room, and everyone who came in was extra gentle and extra patient with my son. Although he was quite baffled by the automatically reclining chair, he was never afraid or uncomfortable from the exam. He walked out of there proud as can be and with impeccably clean teeth.

Richardson Dentistry offers dental services for the whole family. It is their priority and commitment to make sure patients are comfortable, listened to, and get personalized treatment from their top-notch staff. They even offer convenient Saturday hours from 8am-3pm for those that can’t squeeze in a weekday appointment.

As the social mamas that we are, be sure to check them out on Facebook before your visit to stay up to date on news in children’s dentistry, dental health and nutrition, and ways that Richardson Dentistry is giving back to their community.

Next time you are looking for a dentist for you or your child, look no further! Check out that dentists that local families are recommending to their friends. 


*Richardson Dentistry generously sponsored this post on Dallas Moms Blog, but I was a happy, paying patient long before they ever contacted us. The thoughts and opinions expressed are all mine*


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