Repurposing Fall Decor for the Front Porch


It’s that time of year! Pumpkins, leaves, candles galore! It might still be warm outside, but that’s no reason it can’t look like fall around us. My favorite place to start is with fall decor on my front porch. I always get excited when I start to see the mums coming out at all of the stores. When I start to see them out I usually buy some and start there.

Since the fall season covers two big holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, I like to pick some items to decorate with that will do double duty. Sometimes we don’t have the time to go all out for every holiday, especially when they are back to back. It’s also not always in the budget to buy all the things and then turn around and the next month and do it all over again. This is where repurposing comes in handy, and we can make some of our bigger items work overtime and be great for both holidays.

Here’s how to repurpose items for both Halloween and Thanksgiving and get the most out of fall decor:

1. Mums – Obviously right? They come in a few great fall colors, so you really have the option to have them tie into both holidays. I like to get a few different colors because let’s be honest, it’s hard to choose. A great tip for mums is to buy them when they are still closed. I know we love the ones that are blooming and perfect, but they have the best chance of lasting the longest when you buy them before they get to that point. These are pretty low maintenance and very forgiving flowers. They only need to be watered a few times a week! Mums are classic fall decor!

2. Planters – Look for planters that can last through at least a whole holiday season. I bought cute white ghosts that I simply turn around and use the rest of the year as simple white planters. You can find orange pumpkins too, but if those aren’t your thing, urn planters are timeless and look great year-round! They also offer height which is great because you don’t want all of your decor at the same level and height. Variation is key!

3. Reversible sign– You will want several to double up for a few holidays. I purchased mine at Target, but Amazon also has some, as well as many local shops, are starting to have these more and more. They can even be personalized. It’s great to simply turn a large piece around, is a great time and money saver, and it really is a statement piece for your porch.

4. Lanterns– These are super easy, yet beautiful pieces to reuse for several holidays. I just change out the floral picks and garland. The best part about them is that you can find great lanterns at the dollar store! These are so easy to change out while leaving the heavy lanterns in place. They add such a classic look to the front porch and add a little extra lighting at night.

5. Pumpkins– Last but most certainly not least, for both Halloween and Thanksgiving, a staple for porch decor this fall will always be pumpkins! All colors and sizes, real or artificial, there are no rules and you can’t go wrong. These are another item where you want to add some variation, especially with height. If you don’t have front steps, hay is great option. You could even use planter boxes turned upside down. Always use what you have!

How are you decorating for fall?

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