Reimagine School and Find Your Village at Parish Episcopal School

**This post has been sponsored by Parish Episcopal School.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

Finding our village can make all the difference for our families and our children. And finding an educational institution which can serve as a community and village for families – that, my friends, is a gift.

Parish Episcopal School has a vision to reimagine school. They are evolving how students learn and succeed. The programs offered by Parish Episcopal are welcoming and the high-quality education will challenge and uplift students.

Students have the opportunity to learn by participating in everything from robotics classes to their dance company to the soccer field. Parish Episcopal School has two campuses in Dallas. The PreK – 2ndgrade campus is on Hillcrest and the 3rd– 12thgrade campus is on Sigma. There are 1,100 students on the two campuses. Students come from near and far with nearly 100 zip codes represented among the student body. Lower School students attend the Hillcrest Campus through 2ndgrade. They finish out Lower School at the Midway Campus where they will continue to Middle School which includes 5th– 8thgrade. Upper School is also at the Midway Campus.

Parish Episcopal School is reimagining what it means to serve others and to serve our community. Serving others as part of the culture and curriculum at Parish Episcopal and these community service experiences encourage students to think of others first and make a difference in their lives.

Upper School students will complete their education at Parish Episcopal with at least 60 hours of community service. These servant leadership experiences include everything from local service projects in the DFW area to projects in which students partner with worldwide organizations to bring awareness of the organization and its mission to the Parish community.

Parish Episcopal School’s mission is to be an inclusive community. They strive to be very intentional in conveying a culture of belonging – no matter a person’s background, race, gender, religion, etc. At Parish Episcopal the message of inclusivity shines through everything the school does. School leaders believe this is the key to creating bold leaders and students of impact in the richly diverse world we all live in.

The school was founded on the values of wisdom, honor and service. Students, faculty and staff of any and all faith traditions attend daily chapel and worship services. The community works to honor all faith traditions through religious literacy, tolerance, exploration and security in personal beliefs, and strong moral agency and ethical decision making.

Parish is a warm, inclusive community where each student is allowed to blossom into a unique, passionate leader prepared to succeed in our complex world,

said Beth Gerwe, a former Parish Episcopal parent and member of the board of trustees. “It really takes a village and Parish has been the right village for our family!”

The goal of Parish Episcopal is to guide students toward living authentically and, as their overarching mission statement says, prepare them to lead by demonstrating knowledge of and respect for the rich variety of people and points of view that exist in our complex global society.

The concept of leadership is taught by example at Parish Episcopal School. The quality of education ensures Parish Episcopal graduates are prepared for a successful college experience. The leadership skills and integrity valued at Parish Episcopal ensure Parish Episcopal alumni are prepared for successful lives.



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