Recreational Sports as An Adult: Keep Playing!


team kickball championsMy first word was “ball.” I wore Nike t-shirts and gym shorts almost everyday. My favorite thing to do in the evening was watch Braves baseball games with my Dad. If the sun was out and there was still light in the sky then I was outside with my friends playing basketball, baseball, kick the can, hide and seek, street hockey, volleyball or even some made up sport we put together. I had my own set of golf clubs, soccer cleats/ball, softball mitt and Jordan shoes all at 5 years old. Sports was my thing! My absolute favorite thing. I continued my love for the game into middle school, school sports, club leagues and then eventually into college sorority intramurals. I couldn’t quit it. And then came adulthood. Jobs. Kids. And all that adulting has to offer and sports were gone. But they didn’t have to be…

I found adult rec sports! Lucky for me, Dallas has many great adult recreational league organizations with almost any sport you can imagine. I jumped at the chance to start engaging in team sports again. I missed the competitiveness, the workout and being engaged with a team. So I called up some friends and we got a kickball team together.

Ya’ll, kickball is SO. MUCH. FUN. I had no idea how fun this old school recess game would be. Everybody was hooked. Those of us with littles even brought them along, they became our dugout cheerleaders. Thursday evenings were reserved for kickball games. Before long we got good and our competitive spirits from childhood came out (sometimes too much!). But most of all we were having a blast doing something out of our normal routine, maybe out of our comfort zone altogether. And now, 4 years later and a handful of Championships, it’s one of my favorite nights of the week. It’s a release from the daily adult grind. It’s just plain ol’ glory days fun. 

group of photos of kickball

If you are looking for something different, something exciting and new, then I highly encourage you to check out all the recreational sports Dallas has to offer. And if your kids are old enough, take them along! I have very fond memories of going to my parents rec softball games when I was little. 

If you want more information and to possibly find a league then check out some of the local rec sports organizations: BigD Sports, Waka Social Sports, Dallas Sport and Social Club, Lonestar SSC, and your local YMCA.

Get out there and have some fun! We are not too old for this!


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