Preparing for a New Baby


I am due with my third baby towards the end of July, and I have never experienced this strong nesting desire until this child. I think if I don’t snap out of it soon my husband will go crazy and possibly cut up my credit cards! I am starting to wonder if nesting is just a socially acceptable word for going on a shopping spree? Although my nesting/prepping for baby has ventured way beyond the tangible and material items, I think Amazon considers me one of their best customers. Below is some of the crazy that has been going on in my head.

  1. Lists. I have always been a list maker, but wow this has gone to new levels. I have lists for lists. If I think of ANYTHING I write it down. I am so worried that after this baby is born I will forgetbaby-163632_640 everything, that I have it all written down. As far as I know giving birth doesn’t cause amnesia, but in my current state I am prepared for anything. I have a hospital bag list, a baby needs list, important dates list. You name it, and I have a list for it.
  1. Bins/Toss/Donate. I went to Target and bought an obscene amount of bins to organize clothes, toys, pretty much anything. I have packed up my maternity clothes, old kid clothes, kid toys and binned them up! Now, they really aren’t that organized, but everything is now in the garage- out of sigh out of mind! I have also been on a clearing out rampage. I get no more enjoyment than tossing out old clothes, household items and toys. Everything in decent condition I donate, it feels so refreshing to get it out of my house.
  1. Clean. I live like I am about to have an open house everyday of the week. Laundry is always done, dishes clean and toys put away. When I live in an organized environment it helps with the current chaos in my head!
  1. Yard sale. I have become a bit obsessive about finding good deals on baby items on all of the Facebook yard sale groups. Do I need all of these baby chairs, swings and loungers? No, of course not but when I see such a deal I am convinced I need it. Unfortunately I feel the same way about strollers- can’t have enough!
  1. Prepping for myself. I feel like I need everything all at once. Every nursing bra, every pair of comfortable pajamas for my hospital bag, and every cute nursing tank. It has become like an obsession. If I don’t have it, then I am not ready for this baby to be born.
  1. ducks-1426008_640Push Present. I have simple bracelets with my other two kid’s initials on them. I feel like I must have a new bracelet made to reflect this new child. Of course there is no rush, but much like my other obsessive tendencies with this pregnancy- nothing can wait as I continue with my instant gratification needs.

I have not lost sight of the fact that all I desire is a healthy, happy baby and a smooth delivery. However those desires feel so obscure and intangible that I feel need to grasp the material to feel more in control. Has this ever happened to any of you? I am hoping it fades soon. Material goods do not usually comfort me; so this is really throwing me for a loop- I guess add it to the list of confusing pregnancy behaviors!  


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