Plan an Easy Easter Brunch


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Dyed easter eggs and tulips on table.

I don’t know about you, but I dread the idea of eating out on a major holiday. Between overstimulated and overly excited little ones, crowded restaurants, and picky eaters, I’d much rather eat at home. Fortunately, my husband and I both enjoy planning meals and hosting guests in our home. I’ve put together some ideas here for an easy Easter brunch at home.

And good news: A lot of this can be done ahead of time to make your Easter morning even easier!

Mini Frittatas

I think an egg dish of some kind is necessary for a proper brunch. Mini frittatas are always a hit! They’re easy to make, and anything mini will look extra cute on your table.

I would substitute bacon for the ham in this recipe. Ground breakfast sausage is another good option. You could make these a few days ahead of time and freeze until you’re ready to serve. They will reheat easily in the oven or microwave for the morning feast!

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Fruit Skewers

I made Easter fruit skewers for my daughter’s school party last year — they were a hit!

Cut up any fruits you like and put them on skewers. Top the skewers with bunny-shaped cantaloupe or watermelon using bunny cookie cutters.

Bunny Pancakes

My kids love pancakes and wouldn’t be satisfied with a brunch that failed to include them. You’ve got to try our family’s favorite pancake recipe!

Bunny shapes are pretty easy to create with pancake batter. There are pancake molds, like this one from Amazon or this one from Williams Sonoma.

Decorate the pancakes with cute bunny faces using chocolate chips or blueberries.

A mimosa in a glass with orange slice garnishMimosas

Parents love a classic orange juice mimosa for brunch! To change it up a little, try a different kind of juice like grapefruit juice and cranberry juice. Both delicious options.

Adding a few frozen berries helps to keep it cold and adds a pretty touch to your mimosa. Buy a bottle of sparkling grape juice for a kid-friendly mimosas.


A proper brunch (especially for tired parents) should obviously include coffee. Try some of these ideas for flavored creamers to add a little festive flair to your coffee offerings.

Bunny Cake

I did not grow up with bunny cakes as part of our Easter tradition, but I made one a couple of years ago. My kids they loved it!

The decorations were cute and easy to do. If you are not up for making the homemade cake in the recipe I mentioned, you can easily use a white cake mix instead.

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Flower arranging is not my strong suit, but it is something I’d like to get better at. Having an arrangement of beautiful flowers in the kitchen and on the dining room table can elevate even the most casual, at-home brunch to the next level. You can’t beat Trader Joe’s when it comes to pricing on flowers (especially if you’re an amateur arranger like me). You can also pick up a bouquet at from a local florist.

I hope these ideas help you plan an easy Easter brunch at home, too. Check out this post for some great ideas for a Mother’s Day brunch that would also be perfect for Easter.


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