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Remember when I first posted about Pinterest and what a great time-suck it is? Well if you managed to resist the urge to get addicted to this trend and reap the benefit of other’s creativity, I commend you. I’m still spending way too much time on there, but thankfully I’m gathering recipes, crafts, toddler-activities and more to show for my time waste. Here are a few of my mom-related pins to save you the time from getting lost in the beautiful chaos that is Pinterest.

1. Gender-neutral nursery inspiration. As I mentioned here, we are NOT finding out the sex of bambino #2. Naturally my first concern was decorating a non-gender-specific nursery. Pinterest has given me hope!

2. Sweet DIY baby mobile. This might be more on the girly side, but I just love all things hand-made for a baby’s room. This would be easy, cheap, and so interesting for a baby to stare at while drifting off to dream land.

3. Fun toddler snack. Cute designs always make healthy snacks more bearable for picky eaters. Even if your child doesn’t dislike healthy foods, it’s still fun to mix up the way it’s served sometimes.

4. Homemade liquid sidewalk chalk. There are TONS of easy ideas to make your own art supplies and kid activities, this just looks like a fun new way to make art on the ground.

5. DIY slime. Such an EASY how-to for slime. I actually made this for my toddler, though he was intrigued for a bit, I was the one entertained by this for far too long!

6. Cute baby shower decor. This is another pin that became a reality. We used this as inspiration for a baby shower we recently threw, and it turned out just as cute as the picture.




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