Physically Reconnecting with Friends :: Why It’s So Important


I’ve had the same tight-knit group of girlfriends for close 10 years now, and on occasion, we like to get together over drinks and good conversation that almost always turns into talks of our children and what is going on in their lives.

But the truth is, those get-togethers have slowly become few and far between. We’re working moms, single moms, moms of multiples, moms who are honestly just trying to keep up with the demands of raising children, maintaining a household, and oh yea, still trying to shed that baby weight. Life happens and while we all have good intentions and desperately long for a night with good friends, food, and uninterrupted sleep, it can be hard to obtain.

We live in a world and society where friendships fall to the wayside because of how busy moms are. Sure we see you on social media, we Like, comment, and follow your posts, but those things don’t fill the void that actual, real-life conversations do. This group of friends and I text weekly and stay in contact, but those things can often mask the reality of what is really going on in a person’s life. Sometimes you have to truly be intentional with your plans and make them happen.

So after choosing a date that worked for us, we planned a (socially safe) trip.

We used this website WHEN IS GOOD to find a common date. I packed a bag — a small bag because instead of packing for four people, this time, it was just me. I made a cooler filled with my favorite adult beverages and actually got snacks that I chose.

One by one, as my girls showed up, we hugged and picked up like it hadn’t been too long since our last embrace. We spent the day by the pool, talking for hours before we even touched the water. I heard voices and laughs (and even some snorts) that filled my heart more than any social media post or text message could.

And while I can’t deny that when I heard the cries of a young child at the pool my momma ears didn’t instantly perk up, it didn’t take long for me to quickly settle back when I remembered I was “off the clock.” I saw children by the pool and immediately thought about how my kids would love to be there, too. I had to remind myself, and maybe even my friends, that we weren’t being selfish for taking a day off, we were refreshing ourselves so that we could be the best moms, wives, and employees.

For that night I was Kelli, not mom, momma, or mommy. Let me add that the being called momma is the single best thing I’ve ever been called, but I’ll admit that not hearing it on repeat followed by “can I have ____________” felt kind of nice.

We had open conversations about ALL THE THINGS, we laughed, we hugged, we recharged. It was good for our souls. We left the next day with more sleep than usual, full hearts, ready to see our kiddos, and jumped right back into “mommy mode.”

What social media won’t show you about this picture is that we had to stop laughing to take it and our arms aren’t just around each other as a pose for the picture. We have each other’s back and all played a part in the others’ well being.

I would encourage every momma to be intentional with their friends, plan the trip or agree to lunch, and actually go! It will be good for your soul!


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