Perfect Parenting: Why You Should Never Say Never


If you have spent any time on the internet recently, I’m sure you have heard about Harambre, the 17 year old gorilla that was killed because a child fell into the enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. (You can read the latest news, as of May 29, 2016, here.)  Personally I’m completely appalled at the internet’s reactions. Instead of compassion (for both parties) and expressing the absolute horror (for both sides) all I am seeing is a witch hunt against the child’s parents and statements from people this would NEVER happen if the child was under their watch.

Harambe Meme
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Maybe we will find out that the parents were on their phone, and not paying attention to their kids.  Maybe we will find out that mom told her son he could walk alone, unsupervised, to another section of the exhibit.  OR maybe we will find out that this tragic circumstance was truly just an accident and we will all learn just how quickly things can go from happy day at the zoo to watching an absolute terror unfold in front of your eyes and fearing that you are about to lose your child.

Either way-as parents its imperative that we do not think to ourselves, “Oh that would never happen under my watch!”  Because you know what…you just don’t know.  

Has your child ever bolted out in front of you, just steps away from the street? Have you ever looked at your older child in the grocery store for a split second and your younger child has started to wander away?  Both of these circumstances have the potential to create very grave situations though fortunately rarely do.  That isn’t always case though. You were just on the positive side of luck.  The very definition of accident is something that occurs unexpectedly and unintentionally. Can accidents be prevented? Absolutely.  Every single one? No.  

There is real danger in assuming you would never be a victim of such a horrific accident.  For example, you believe that you would never leave your kid in the car?  To avoid Forgotten Baby Syndrome (forgetting your child in a hot car), one of your first lines of defense to NOT assume you would/could ever do such a thing.  

Harambe’s story is absolutely heartbreaking; so is the persecution of the parents of the child.  The truth is: fortunately while most of us will never be on the side of a tragedy like this, if we find ourselves facing such a catastrophe, we need support and sympathize, not a chorus of, “It is your own fault this happened!”  Practice compassion before persecution because you just never know if you will need people to show you some one day.



  1. I am so proud of you Cassidy! I too have been shocked by the things said about the parents. I agree with every word you wrote. My heart is sad that this animal had to die, my heart is also glad that this child is ok.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I feel horribly saddened by Harambe’s death as we all should be. But I also realize it was a dangerous situation with a child’s life on the line. It was a tragedy all the way around. People have so much anger these days. Where has the compassion gone for both humans and animals. I wouldn’t wish harm to any being, but unless it was a blatant disregard for her child I honestly don’t see how she’s at fault. And I don’t see how people can come to such rash judgments so quickly without knowing all the facts. It just seems crazy to me.

  3. Ahhhh-gree. Let’s just assume that any mom who is selfless and caring enough to take one kid–much less multiple kids–on a slightly expensive, mostly-a-beating outing to the zoo was doing her best.

  4. For the most part i agree with this entire post. However as a mom you should have every once of adrenaline if you think your child is in danger. I don’t know about everyone else here I would have jumped into the gorilla habitat in attempt to save my child not stand there screaming and watching. Long story short, I disagree with how the mother handled the situation!

  5. Wow! I stay away from the news and the public’s response to it for this very reason: most of the time people respond badly often due to the media’s treatment of news and, personally, I don’t have time for that!
    But you have addressed it so well here and I appreciate it very much. What great insight! Keep blogging, girl, you are on to something good!


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