Our First Playgroup!

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Due to the overwhleming response (ok, a few emails) and the fact that Lauren and I are eager to meet some of you, we have decided to move our first playgroup up to THIS Thursday, May 12.

We are going to meet at the Churchill Park, off Hillcrest, just north of Forest, at 10 am. I really think this will be a great place for the kids to play and the mammas to gab. It’s quiet, kinda hidden (I couldn’t even find a stock photo online if that tells you anything), shaded and beautiful.

So, pack up those kiddos, some snacks if they need them, and head out to our first organized DMB playgroup. I know some of you moms are new to town so this will be a great way to make friends- for you and your kids!- and get recommendations on dentists, doctors, restaurants and what have you.

We can’t wait! See you then!

When: this Thursday, May 12  at 10:00 a.m.

Where: Churchill Park

Why: oh, you know why!


  1. Oh no! This Thursday won’t work for us 🙁 It is my husband and my anniversary and we have a “date day” planned. I’m so bummed!!! When is the next one??? 🙂

  2. TOTALLY hope I can come! That’s right in the middle of naptime for my youngest…and she’s a little under the weather…but i HOPE she’s back to herself by then so we can come make some new friends! yay!

  3. How old are your babies? Mine is just 5 months but I would like him to start socializing!!! He loves his older nieces and nephews and likes to be around other children.

    • Natalie-

      Mine is 10 months and Casey’s is almost 6 months. Today we had a few babies 10 months and under and one 2 year old. We are thinking next time we will have even more big kids! Our next playgroup is Friday, May 27! Details coming soon!


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