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NOTE: I mention a lot of brands in this post, but I do not have a financial relationship with any of them. Lorna Jane of Frisco has participated as an advertiser and sponsor of a giveaway with Dallas Moms Blog, but I was not a part of that interaction and have not received any compensation or free product from Lorna Jane or any of the other brands.

There are a variety of reasons for wearing workout clothing other than actually working out. For some, comfort is the priority and workout clothing fits the bill. For others, wearing workout clothing allows us to start exercising at any time of the day or any location.

My favorite workout clothing brands | Dallas Moms Blog
It’s handy that I was wearing workout clothes at the Trinity Audubon Center so I could do my yoga pose challenge for the day while I was there with my kids.

And for yet still others, we made it to the gym at 6am but never got a chance to shower since then, so here we are at 5:30pm, still in those athletic clothes!

In the last few years, I’ve realized that there are few things more uplifting than having workout clothes that are functional, comfortable, flexible, and flattering. Each one of those aspects is incredibly important if there’s a chance we might end up wearing them all day. There are also fewer things LESS fun than bringing two preschoolers into a store while I try on workout clothes. So, to save you time, here are some of my favorite workout clothing options, as well as a few from fellow Dallas Moms Blog contributors.

Ellie.com – I love their styles and quality in particular. One time, I was doing a handstand against a tree in our backyard (I know…) and crashed into the tree, skinning my knee badly. My knee was torn up, but the Ellie leggings I was wearing over that knee were without a scratch! I was very impressed. Ellie is online only (no physical stores) and can be ordered by individual piece or you can join their VIP club to receive one outfit per month at a discounted price. They release a new collection of designs each month, and you receive a sneak preview as a VIP member. The VIP club is definitely the best deal, in my opinion.

My favorite workout clothing brands | Dallas Moms Blog
Entire outfit by Ellie.com

Fabletics.com – The company was founded by celebrity Kate Hudson and, like Ellie, is online only and has a membership discount for one outfit per month. I have not tried their workout clothing myself, but several other fitness professionals and friends that I trust have tried the brand and really love it. I have scrolled through their styles online many times, drooling. Their membership also seems to be the best deal, and when I buy my first pieces from them, I will be joining as a member.

Lorna Jane – They’ve just built their first local store in Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, and I was there the first week they opened. My absolute favorite is their sports bras. I am slowly replacing ALL my sports bras with theirs, because they have fully molded cups that do not shift or fall out in the wash *cue angels singing*. Not only that, but they fit like an actual bra. One of the saleswomen at the store said she actually wears hers as a real bra under regular clothing. I am not going to lie, I have done that myself. I am also a big fan of their Move.Nourish.Believe philosophy, in which they celebrate our bodies as a source of strength rather than trying to put all women into a box of how we “should” look.

My fave workout clothing brands | Dallas Moms Blog
Leggings and sports bra by Lorna Jane

Green Apple Active – My inner hippie is in love with this company because they use completely organic materials and are made in the USA. Not only are their fitted yoga flare pants the softest ones you’ll ever own, but they make your bum look amazing. Not even kidding! I have taken several cross-country trips in these yoga pants and felt like the best version of myself possible. They are a little pricey, but I guarantee that they won’t go translucent on you. Green Apple sells online and through various local distributors.

Zella brand at Nordstrom – A favorite of DMB contributor Bethany, this brand can be found in your local Nordstrom, a famously kid-friendly store. I’d pretty much buy anything from Nordstrom just because of their awesome mother’s rooms in the women’s lounge, but Bethany also says they are also both comfortable and durable. The main benefit of this brand is that you can go and physically try it on at nearly any local mall.

There are a lot of other great brands out there, but these are currently our top faves.

What brands do you love? We’d love to hear in the comments!


  1. Thanks for the shopping tips. I have just begun running (again) after a several year “excuse”! I am going to head to Lorna Jane as the bras sound just like what I need. Now if only I could get in that yoga pose in the picture.


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