Operation Shower: Party, Support, Love!


It was in 2008, my one and only sibling revealed to our family that he had decided (through much thought) to become an officer in the United States Marine Corps.  Within a few months he was shipped off to Washington, D.C. for OTC, and then the following year was sent to Afghanistan for a 12 month stay.

During this time, my husband and I discovered we were pregnant and it occurred to me that my only brother wouldn’t be around to meet his first nephew. I was instantly heartbroken.

Although we weren’t best friends (are most brothers and sisters?), we’d grown closer as adults, and since his news about joining the military was a surprise, this was a milestone I’d never imagined him missing.


Flash forward to after my son was born, he was almost 5 months old before he’d meet his Uncle Andrew for the first time, and then almost a year before he was able to see him for the second time and welcome him back home to the States.

Separately, off and on during the first year of my son’s life, my husband traveled–often up to 5 days at a time, coming home for the weekend, and then flying off again. I often referred to myself as a married single parent. I remember Tuesdays were the hardest. He would have just left and I still had the whole week to go; on my own trying to find ways to entertain this infant from morning til night.

I tell you this because when I put these two experiences and feelings together–family missing important milestones and traveling husbands–I can still only relate to a fraction of what military wives with deployed husbands go through every day!

Now imagine you’re expecting your a child and knowing this was your future!

That’s why I’m so grateful for organizations like Operation Shower.


Operation Shower’s is a 501(c) non-profit organization who’s mission is to host joyous baby showers for military families to ease the various stresses of deployment.

For military families who are expecting a new baby and are experiencing or have recently experienced deployment, they accomplish their mission through:

  • hosting amazing baby showers;
  • delivering high-quality products;
  • creating a shared experience;
  • bringing recognition to military families; and
  • working with individuals and companies to provide them an opportunity to show their appreciation and love for military families.

Get Involved!

psl“Operation: Party. Support. Love” is YOUR chance to show your support for our troops and their families. Their goal is to raise $25,000 through the below parties and an online donation site this November. They want to honor more deserving military families than ever in 2014 and these funds will go a long way to helping them realize that dream!

Your donations will provide things such as books, diapers, onesies and awesome baby showers for these families. All money raised will go directly to hosting more showers for military families!

There are two easy ways you can help:

1) Simply visit the online donation page below and donate whatever you can. Any amount will help. The online goal is $5,000. That is as simple as 500 people around the country donating $10. We KNOW there are 500 people who want to say thanks to these military families!

To DONATE ONLINE visit this site here.

2) Grab your friends and join the party in celebrating these women! Thursday, November 21st from 6-9pm, join host Jennifer Kirlin for a great night and fundraiser at The Angelika with appetizers, desserts, a ticket “cash” bar, as well as some amazing raffle prizes! Tickets are $35 in advance or $40 at the door, and this will include 2 drink tickets. (Additional drink tickets can be purchased for $5 each)

To PURCHASE TICKETS visit this site here.

Know someone who needs a shower? Nominate them!

The person/group nominated must (1) have a spouse or partner who is deployed or deploying at some point during her pregnancy; (2) be active duty with a group that is deploying, or (3) have a spouse or partner who was injured during deployment.

If you would like someone to be considered for a group shower when Operation Shower is in your area, please fill out the form here.


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