Open Letter to My Daughter


letter to my daughter

I saw a video today, and the caption said “This is why I want a daughter”. In that moment, I thought about the little girl that I hold so dear to my heart and I became sad because I didn’t always want a daughter. I thought back to being pregnant with this child and feeling as if I couldn’t love another child the way I loved my son. I thought back to the moments where I felt that having a daughter was the scariest thing in the world, and now, three years later, I can’t imagine my life without you. I guess God knew that I needed you more than I knew.

Reign, as I love to call you, there are some things that I need you to know as you grow up in this world. I need you to know that you are beautiful just as you are. When I speak of beauty, I mean inside and outside. The world’s standard of beauty will change daily. One day you may be too thin, or too big, to light, too dark, to fake or too real; but true beauty lies deeper than that, and that stays consistent no matter what the latest trends are. See my child, you are beautiful in your soul! Your spirit screams joy, and your smile warms a room. Your beauty is more than a physical costume, you are beautiful because of your love for life, you are beautiful for how you love your brother, or your mother. You are beautiful because sometimes you just know when I need a hug, or a kiss, or just to hear you say “Mommy, I love you”. Your beauty is God-given my child, never forget that.  

Remember these words. You. Are. Enough. There will be many days when you feel like everything is going wrong, and that you cannot do it. Push those words out your head. You are MORE than ENOUGH, and you can do anything. You will have to fight against the glass ceiling, the glass walls, and the glass slipper syndrome, but you are built to shatter ceilings and buy your own 6-inch heels to step into the party. There will be times when giving your best will drain everything out of you. You will feel lifeless, you will feel worthless, but baby girl, that is the moment where you will show the world what you are made of. You will show them the power that comes from inside. You will show them the good and the GOD that is inside of you. You can move mountains with a roar of your voice; you don’t have to even break a nail.

Young Queen, you will be hated. Be prepared for it. There is no way to make any change in the world without opposition and hate. As long as you are hated, you have to believe you are on the right path. See, you weren’t born to fit it; Ladybug, you were born to stand out. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29;11. You will never be the popular girl; you will never be the life of the party because your drum beats to a different soundtrack. Your soundtrack is greatness. Embrace it. It may seem lonely, it may seem hard, but remember that “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Proverbs 18;16. Once you have your seat at the table, you will find much comfort because you will be with those who are created with thought like you. Never drop you head or your crown Queen. You are royalty. Address yourself as such. Your name speaks Royalty! Your name Reigns! Queen, you are.

letter to my daughter

Little Girl, enjoy life. I want you to run through the willows, lay in the sand, dance in rain, jump in muddy puddles, laugh at sunlight and twirl under moonlight. Experience every sensation and feeling. Life is to be enjoyed, so remember to revel in those small moments that seem to pass so quickly. Those moments, will get you through dark moments. Those moments will always be the crack in the doorway to light. Never take those things for granted. It’s okay to make mistakes; that’s how you will grow. It’s okay to fall in love and get hurt; that’s how you learn. It’s okay to cry; It’s how you become strong. It’s okay to jump; that’s how you will learn how to fly. Baby girl, it is okay to live; that’s how we become okay with dying. Never forget to live. As you grow, and school work, actual work, responsibilities, family start to close in on you, make sure you stay true to you and that you find time to live. Don’t apologize for putting yourself first sometimes. People will try to make you feel bad for choosing you! Always chose YOU! You are no good to anyone else until you take care of YOU! So put yourself first!

Reign, Mommy loves you so much. From the crown of beautiful kinky hair on your head to the little piece of lint between your toes. I will always be there for you; to support you; to push you; to lift you! You are already more than I could have ever imagined. You are bigger than any dream I have ever had. You are my greatest dream imagined and then some. You are my light on a cloudy day. You are the ice cream to my sandwich. You are my champion.  If no one else is there, I will be there. When you say “Don’t leave me”, I say to you, I am right here and Mommy, ALWAYS comes back.  Reign, Mommy will always come back! Mommy will always be there! Every tear you cry I collect not in my hand, but in my heart. Every moment you are sad; I carry it in my soul. If I could take your pain and fears and carry them on my back, I would, but I don’t have to…and neither do you; God will! Give him your burdens and give the world your smiles.

Reign, oh my Royal child. You will do wonderful things! You are destined to change the world! All you have to do is believe! And when you can’t believe in yourself, read these words, and know that I believe in you. You have everything you need inside you. You are Beautifully and wonderfully made!

Reign On, My Reign.

letter to my daughter


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Asia Bennett is a Texas native who received her Associate of Science in Biology from Midland College in Columbia, SC and she received both her Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, TX. Asia is an entrepreneur who owns both an event planning company, and a Baked GoodsCompany. Asia has an extensive background in the social services field, healthcare, and early childhood education but her love for helping others has kept her passion in the social work field. She is the mother of two beautiful children Garon, age 3 and Harlem, age 1, and wife of 10 years to Cedric. Even before becoming a mom, parenting has been ingrained in her soul, and she loves to just share her research, thoughts, opinions and much more when it comes to early childhood, and parenting. In her spare time, you can catch her baking, dancing, or at a baseball game/ gymnastics rehearsal with her kids.


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