Oh, the Things Moms Google!


In celebration of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday/Read Across America Day, Rori came up with a new-mom spin on the classic Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

things moms google
Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

Your baby is here.
Now it’s time to Google
All those new-mom fears.

You can search all the things.
You’ve a phone in your hand.
You have Alexa and Siri at your command.

You are not alone. You have much to ask. That smartphone is ready to help with the task.

You’ll Google poop colors. Yes, we’ve been there. And soon you’ll be searching for toddler-proof wares. With your heart full of love as you chase tiny feet,
you’ll be sure to Google every non-food they eat.

And you may stay up searching long past bedtime. You’ll read up on milestones and wonder at time. In a blink, they’ll be 10, 18, 25!

You’ve heard it before: They grow up so fast. While we’re waiting, let’s look up 5-year-old sass.

When our babies and kids have us worried, we read. We open up Google to find what we need.

Oh, the things moms Google!

All the things you’ll look up!
You’ll be bookmarking sites!
You’ll find other moms whose kids wake up all through the night.

We’re doing our best.
And we Google the rest.

You don’t have all the answers. None of us do. But soon new mom friends will be coming to you. You’ll share your stories with wine and a laugh. You’ll see you aren’t the only one doing just that.

You’re doing so well, I just want you to know. You’ll find yourself asking a bunch as you go. We all start motherhood feeling so blurry. And we might, at some point, search “should I be worried?” Or “how to stop toddlers from waking so early!”

And will we do all right
On 4 hours a night?
Believe it or not, yes, I think we just might.

Don’t stress about how much you’ve questioned today. Hug that sweet baby and sit down to play.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

Soak up all those snuggles.
These phases don’t last.
And soon you’ll ask Google
Just how time moved so fast.


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