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People often ask me when I started blogging and surprisingly, I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I was a new mom and decided to venture out to Central Market for some light grocery Grocery Store Fail - Dallas Moms Blogshopping.  I had my son in his stroller, groceries in the convenient underneath compartment, and my shopping list and phone tucked gently under his bum.  Things were going well… until they weren’t.

I reached for my shopping list and it was covered in something. This something was not only all over the stroller and my child but also in the crevices of my phone.  Maybe I was naive or maybe I was exhausted but it took me a minute to realize my sweet angel baby had pooped more than any human being ever had and that I didn’t have wipes or a change of clothes on me.

After abandoning a perfectly good stroller full of groceries to wipe down my child with grocery store bathroom paper towels, I drove home a failure. I wasn’t as good at this “ mom thing” as I thought I would be.  

Vegetable Fail - Dallas Moms Blog
Veggie Mom Fail

When I got home I decided to Google different mom blogs to find some sense of Sisterhood.  Unfortunately, it only made me feel worse. I scrolled and scrolled through these perfectly crafted stories accompanied by beautiful family photos with everyone wearing matching, monogrammed outfits. Pinterest wasn’t a new mom’s friend either. Delicious recipes? (I’m supposed to cook?) Family vacation ideas? (I can’t even go to the store and now I should entertain getting on an airplane?) Am I seriously the only mom who was struggling out there?  Then and there I set out to write.  I began blogging about all the things I did wrong and believe it or not, I found a lot of other moms out there who aren’t perfect either.

This “real-life” approach has also extended into my Mom-friend circles too.  Even though my kids are bigger, 5 and 3, I still have no idea what I’m doing.  It’s refreshing to hang out, chat, and relate with others who are trying to ‘figure it all out’ too. And believe me, it’s way more fun to have a group of laid back moms who can laugh about it all- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

IMG_2885Last year I went back to work which has been wonderful …and fun ….and crazy …and stressful.  Because of my new schedule, my kids are now in the after-care program at school.  At pick-up time, a group of us working moms walk out to a grassy area where our kiddos run around and we converse about life.  It was all very casual until one afternoon one of the moms made some comment about being a bad mom and the rest of us chimed in, “ME TOO.” And from that moment on, we were the Bad Moms Club.

It’s almost been 2 years of meeting at the grassy spot after preschool. Two years of discussing kid tantrums, forgotten lunches, sports practices gone wrong, bad behavior (both child and mommy), and all the other mom fails that seem to happen daily.  No judgement and usually lots of laughter.  

So, Mommies, if you’re feeling upset because you can’t do it all, don’t feel down. 

Try and find other moms who are open, honest, and real.  This parenting thing is fun and challenging and messy and it sure is nice to have someone high-five you in the morning when you’re running into school 10 minutes late because your child insists on being Spiderman.  Everyday.


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Want to hang out with some other “Bad Moms”?

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