Sleep-Inducing Holiday Gift Guide for Moms and Babies


It’s the time of year we all start thinking about holiday gifts! In my opinion, there’s nothing better than giving the gift of sleep. 

Here’s a roundup of my favorite sleep-inducing gifts:

  • The Ollie World Swaddle: One of my favorite swaddles because it is moisture wicking, custom fitting, and makes for easy diaper changes!
  • Love to Dream Swaddle Up: A fantastic transitional swaddle, or great for babies who don’t like their arms swaddled across their chest. Baby can sleep with arms up, their natural position.
  • Halo Sleep Sack: A versatile wearable blanket to introduce after the swaddle stage. Halo makes great sacks at a good price point and have large toddler sizes.
  • Hatch Rest: My favorite “toddler clock” to help teach toddlers when it is sleep time and when it is time to rise. Bonus: It’s also a great white noise machine, which can be introduced to babies and grow with them!
  • SlumberPod: This travel blackout canopy can be used over a travel crib or mini crib. Easy to assemble, complete darkness for sleep away from home, and even a pocket for your monitor so you can still keep an eye on your little! (Enter code TRANQUIL10 for a special discount!)
  • Snoozeshade: Another option for travel blackout if you’re looking for something lighter to pack. 
  • AmazonBasics Portable Baby Travel Blackout Curtains: If you’d rather cover the windows instead of the crib, try these for travel! Some clients even use them at home.
  • BlackoutEZ Window Coverings: 100% blackout window coverings for your home. Seriously, these are the best (I use them in my home). They velcro around the window so you can take them down when you want, but there’s no question whether the room is dark enough for good sleep with these. Plus, you can get custom sizes!
  • Beddy’s: Does your newly-transitioned-to-a-big-kid-bed toddler lose their blankets every night? Try Beddy’s—they zip!!
  • Loveys: A lovey is a great gift for a child old enough to have one safely in their crib. Pro tip: buy three. They get lost, they get dirty, they become worn….and you DON’T want to be without it come bedtime!!! A few favorites are this one from the Jellycat Store and these animal varieties from Pro Goleem.
  • This one’s for mama! My all time favorite eye mask to block out light and sleep so well is the Mzoo eye mask. It is so comfortable around the eyes! 
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Hilliary Giglio
Hilliary grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, but has lived in many places across the U.S., settling in Dallas in 2018 with her husband and (now) two sons. She is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist and Family Coach, and owner of Tranquil Beginnings. Prior to this, she spent much of her professional career working to improve the lives of children and families, utilizing her education in psychology, social work, and nonprofit management and fundraising to provide care for children, support little ones with developmental disabilities, teach trauma informed yoga and mindfulness to youth who have suffered Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and raise money for healthcare systems and mid-sized nonprofits. When she isn't changing families' lives through her work, she can be found enjoying the city's kid-friendly activities, working her way through Dallas' culinary scene, exploring the outdoors, practicing yoga, and enjoying live music!


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