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This post has been sponsored by Noodle Education and the Noodle-Parents’ Choice Kids’ Educational Holiday Gift Guide. 

One of the first things we did when we moved into our new home over 8 years ago was subscribe to an online community review sites for home repair. It became apparent within the first year that if something could go wrong in our 40 year old home, it would. We knew we needed to rely on others to provide us with honest advice on who to hire to keep our home maintained and who wouldn’t take advantage of us as first time homeowners. Even now that we have a few established contractors and repairmen on speed dial, we’ve still found these services helpful as our home goes into the next stage of life.

The same also goes for our children! Now that we’re parents, we’re constantly asking others for advice. Which pediatrician do you recommend? What playgrounds do you love? Why will be toddler not stop throwing things? Just like our home, our life goes through stages and with each new one, we’re turning to others for help. I only wish we’d had a review service like Noodle when we were having to make the tough decisions for our children — their education!  

Noodle_Logo_Medium jyNoodle is the leading education site, providing parents with everything they need to find the right educational fit for their children. Noodle helps parents find the programs, resources, and people they need to help advance their children’s education. With a database of over 700,000 education providers and resources, you can search detailed, unbiased information from experts and those in your community. 

You can easily search for preschools and elementary schools in your area and compare information that matters to you. If you’re looking for the right online or in person tutor for any age child, Noodle can provide reviews for independent tutors and test prep centers across the country. 

And for those of you who are thinking beyond childhood, Noodle allows you to start searching through colleges, graduate, and professional studies! 

pcf_logowseals_120x100_printEducation spreads into all areas of life, which is why Noodle extends their same services into other educational areas like summer camps, internships, study abroad courses, and most recently, Media & Toy Reviews. Noodle has partnered with Parents’ Choice Foundation to create an their annual Kids’ Educational Gift Guide. Their goal is to help provide you with the resources you need to help entertain, stimulate, teach, and inspire creativity. 

Research shows that play enhances the progress of early development from 33 to 67 percent by improving language and reducing social and emotional problems.

Parents’ Choice Foundation is the nation’s oldest non-profit guide to quality children’s media and toys. The guide they’ve developed through a rigorous process by a panel of experts includes toys, games, apps, books, and more for children ages 2 through 12. In it, you’ll find recommendations for your children with all different interests. All 5 categories includes several gift ideas that can be purchased online or at a store. Where available, they also provide App ideas and Book ideas for children with those interests. While you’ll have to visit to view their complete list, here’s a sampling of just some of the great products you’ll find for categories like . . .

Future Architect

LEGO’s are definite a hot toy right now, but you can take your child’s love of building and imagination to a whole new dimension. Think about purchasing toys like The Original Lincoln Logs or Bill & Betty Bricks. 

Future Chef

Have a little one that loves to bake? Noodle has come up with a unique list of toys for every age level to creates educational opportunities through cooking. Products like Clifford the Big Red Dog Food Science or Hello Sweet Potato might be right along the lines of what you’re looking for! 

Future Novelist

Every parent would love to instill the love of reading and writing to their child, but for some it doesn’t come easy. I love products like Chain Letters and the app Sago Mini Doodlecast that inspire creativity and imagination perfect for storytelling!

Future Scientist

Gifts for kids who love science are endless. There are so many creative kits out there, but how do you know which ones are best and, most importantly, age appropriate? Noodle takes out the guess work. They give details on products like The Magic School Bus The Secrets of Space and Geosafari Jr. My First Microscope. 

Make sure to visit Noodle for the complete Kids’ Educational Gift Guide from Parent’s Choice! 


Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Noodle Education and the Noodle-Parents’ Choice Kids’ Educational Holiday Gift Guide. 


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