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Noobie is a great gift box offering vital support to you as a new mom throughout the first year of your baby’s life. Each box contains five amazing products designed to benefit both you and your baby at important milestones such as infancy, playing, eating, and celebrating that special first birthday. This company was created by other moms who are committed to choosing the nicest products and brands parents love, so you’re sure to get great things in every box. All of the items in the boxes are of high quality and absolutely adorable. Noobie features well-known brands such as Carter’s, Aden + Anais, GUND, Bioderma, and Livie & Luca.

Noobie BoxHow Noobie Box Works:

Purchase the Year of Wonders gift box for either a girl or a boy, and Noobie will send you four boxes. All of the Year Of Wonders Noobie boxes arrive at the same time and ship for free— it’s up to you whether you open them all right then or one at a time. 

What you get:

The Year of Wonders gift box consists of four milestone boxes for your baby’s first year: Noobie Nest Box #1 for Newborns, Noobie Eat Box #2 for 4+ Months, Noobie Play Box #3 for 7+ Months, and Noobie One Box #4 for 10+ Months. Each box comes with five curated full-sized products and includes an encouragement card with tips for each milestone. 

The Noobie Nest box. With everything from a sleeper to a teether, the products in this box are selected to help you and your baby adjust to a sleep(less) schedule, snuggling, soothing, and more.

Noobie Box

The Noobie Eat box. This box is full of things to help your baby explore the world of food. From feeding tips to cleaning tricks, your Noobie Eat box will help you both enjoy every bite, slurp and spill during this exciting stage. 

Noobie Box

The Noobie Play box. This box is all about fun! Sing, dance, crawl, act silly and enjoy your Noobie Play box, filled with items to help you turn every day into a new way to engage your little one’s senses. 

Noobie Box

The Noobie One box. The Noobie One box contains things to help you celebrate your little one’s first birthday. Don’t forget to blow out the candle!

Noobie Box

Noobie boxes make great baby shower gifts. A Year of Wonders gift box is a fantastic way to show a new mom love and support beyond those first few days after her baby’s arrival. You can also purchase each box individually with free shipping.

Other Noobie boxes: 
Noobie BoxBe sure to check out the other Noobie boxes, including the Noobie Parents Box for expecting parents. The box contains five full-sized products picked to help both mom and dad celebrate their upcoming roles as parents— and pamper themselves a little in the meantime!




Noobie also offers a free pregnancy gift box. It’s full of samples, tips, and discount codes for all sorts of baby necessities. The current edition contains Aquaphor baby ointment, Cuties set of 5 diapers, DrKids nasal drops, Lasinoh breastfeeding set, MAM Bottle and Pacifier, UpSpring Milkflow Powder drink mix, Prevail set of 2 liners, Purell surface disinfectant, and WaterWipes baby wipes. All you have to do is pay $6.95 for U.S. shipping. 

How to get yours:

Ready to get your own Noobie Year of Wonders box gift box? Individual boxes are $34.5 or $199.95 for the set. Go to and use DALLASMOMSBLOG for a 20% discount! Please note, boxes do change over time.



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