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This post is part of our Sleep Series.  Fellow moms helping you to rest easy!

A nightly routine is an idealistic dream rather than an achievable goal.  Sure, it may be reality for some, but for me, discussing a bedtime routine is just building air castles in conversations. As a mom, you might think I am talking about the challenges with getting my six-year-old daughter to bed.  Nope!  I am referencing my own sleep struggles and what keeps me up at night.  While it would be a good idea to crawl into my own bed after my daughter falls asleep by 9PM, the exact opposite happens and my inner night owl is unleashed.

Night Owl: What Keeps Me Up At Night

What Keeps Me Up At Night


Peering at the video monitor, I notice that my Aussie and daughter are both snuggled up on the bottom bunk bed fast asleep.  It should be time to get some beauty sleep myself.

9PM to 11PM

However, bring it on reality TV. I find myself rooting on Brandi Redmond from Real Housewives of Dallas while sprawled out on my couch with sweet tea and Cool Ranch Doritos.  Then, I’m catching up on Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars, or whatever else I can soak up while simultaneously surfing social media.


I’m so incredibly exhausted. I skip the shower and choose a steaming hot bath instead.  Oh, Netflix is on my phone.  Yes!  That’s a perfect idea.


Now a prune from the tub, I crawl into bed and glance at my already sleeping husband feeling guilty that once again I chose a device and hot bath over “sexy time”.  Oh wait, he’s awake!


Alright, my daughter, husband, and dog are fast asleep.  I’m comfy with my weighted blanket and three perfectly positioned pillows.  I’m drifting off to sleep.  I just have  a quick itch on my face while yawning one final time.

Wait, is that a chin hair?

I HAVE to take care of this immediately.  Those stray hairs pop up out of nowhere.  Tweezers!  While I’m up, I might as well put up the laundry, pick up the living room, set the coffee timer, update my Google calendar and check to see if anything has changed on Facebook and Instagram.


I must go to sleep, or I will not be able to function at the pharmacy tomorrow. Then, the internal, night owl thought process begins. I call it, “Squirrel Scramble” since my thought process jumps around all over the place.  It goes a little something like this:

“What if there is a fire?  I wonder if all of the smoke detectors work.  Will my daughter know what to do?  Are we prepared?  What if there is an intruder? Can someone crawl in our doggie door?   My 82 pound lazy dog might turn into a ferocious beast overnight, and I left him up there with my child!!! What if a plane has to make a crash landing, and it knocks the second story off of my house?  What if Aria chokes, has a nosebleed, suffocates herself in blankets, or her top bunk randomly falls and hurts her? Wait, is my husband even breathing?”

My chest is now on fire with worry!


It’s always between 3AM and 4AM that I am checking on our entire house again.  It’s also known as the Witching Hour.  Then, I start thinking that it is odd, and perhaps paranormal, that I’m always up choking back tears from nightmares at this particular hour.  Then I start thinking I’m not Christian enough, and if I was more worried about being a better Christian, then perhaps I wouldn’t always be up at the demon hour worried about impending tragedies.  After I get the pain in my chest to subside, I pray.


Now that I am physically and emotionally drained, I do drift off to sleep.


Alarm clock rings. SNOOZE x 3.  Coffee time!

Unfortunately, this is an almost nightly occurrence.  Yes, I have looked up what to do, and I have even seen two different doctors mostly in regards to the pain in my chest.  The first ran a blood test and did an entire wellness check to determine that I am perfectly healthy.  The second doctor said I needed to focus on diet and exercise.  I did just that and even won an award for my lifestyle change in the fitness group I had entered.  It did absolutely nothing in regards to my poor sleep habits.

Before you suNight Owl: Put Down Your Deviceggest it, yes, I have put my device away and turned off the TV.  While I do end up getting more hours of sleep that way, it doesn’t stop the insane and terrifying nightmares that plague my thoughts the second my head hits the pillow. I truly believe I become a night owl to delay my ability to overthink my fears.

The mom fears I mentioned during my “Squirrel Scramble” are what keep me up at night. Check out, “These 10 Things Could Be Keeping You Awake At Night” by Saatva Mattress for other reasons you may have trouble sleeping if you are a night owl as well. I have decided it is all just part of being a mom. I definitely relate to the saying,

“Mom’s don’t sleep.  They just worry with their eyes closed.”

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