A Newbie’s Guide to ALL THINGS Buc-ee’s!


Buc-ee's exterior, guide to Buc-ee's

Summer is here and that means vacation! Whether you’re road trippin’ southbound 45 to sandy beaches or going the staycation route, a Buc-ee´s pit stop is a MUST.

Around here, you’re sure to find a Buc-ee’s location or two near your destination—visit the link for specifics or just follow the billboards!

What to Know About Buc-ee’s

Gas Pumps Galore!

Buc-ee’s offers more gas pumps than any other gas station, which means you almost never have to wait. *I suggest pumping gas and then parking before heading inside because there’s no such thing as a quick trip inside!

The Cleanest Restrooms Around

And that’s not just my opinion; Buc-ee’s has actually won a nationwide competition for the cleanest restrooms. Who knew?? So, when your kids touch every inch of the restroom despite your persistent reminders…it could be worse.

Buc-ee’s Merch

The adorable little beaver can be found on just about ANYTHING, from koozies and t-shirts to pajama pants and hats. Are you even a Texan if you don’t have at least one Buc-ee’s tee?

Snacks for Days!

You get a snack, you get a snack, you, the one screaming because we’re not there yet? You get a snack! My personal favorite are Beaver Nuggets, but you can find taffy, candy, gummies, chips, specialty nuts, dried fruit, trail mix and SO MUCH MORE! 

best Buc-ee's snacks, guide to Buc-ee's

Jerky is made in house and offered in both beef and turkey. The franchise’s top seller is their Bohemian Garlic, and rightfully so! Other options include traditional peppered, fajita seasoned, and green chili. If you need something to pair with it, stop by the deli and grab yourself a block of cheese and crackers.


Buc-ee’s offers hot meals and sandwiches made to order. Plus, there´s also a BBQ Station in the middle of the store!

Pastries & Fudge

If I’m ever lost in a Buc-ee’s, because it’s seriously possible, you can most likely find me drooling over the glass counters. Not sure which one to get, no worries, SAMPLE THEM ALL. There’s even a jalapeño fudge, because, well, Texas, y’all!


Whether you prefer your Dr. Pepper from the fountain, bottled, canned or as an ICEE, Buc-ee’s has you covered. There is an entire wall dedicated to fountain drinks! Buc-ee’s also has the cheapest ice around to fill up the road trip cooler. 10-lb bags are only 79 cents! Don’t have a cooler, no worries, Buc-ee’s does!

Buc-ee's drinks, guide to Buc-ee's


If you’re looking for souvenirs, Buc-ee’s has everything you need. They also have a large home decor section as well as ALL grilling necessities. I actually own a fire pit from Buc-ee’s!

Celebrity Sightings

You can find Buc-ee himself meeting and greeting customers and posing for selfies.

Do yourself a favor and make the trip to Buc-ee’s, you’ll be glad you did!

Buc-ee's BBQ, guide to Buc-ee's


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