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We all love getting out of the house and trying something new.  What’s even better is when someone gives you an idea about a place you have never been before.  Well, here are some of my favorites based on the people I am with.

Favorite Date Night Places

My husband and I love going to the movies.  Our favorite place to go is Alamo Drafthouse.  We have been to a few of them around the metroplex, and they each have their own special flare.  We frequent the Richardson Drafthouse most often.

Alamo has amazing food, service and obviously movies.  Each month they do different themes and bring back movies from “back in the day,” where they have dance parties, props and special food.  As for the movies that our out right now, make sure you pop into the theatre 30 minutes before, where they show fun highlights based on the movie you are seeing. If you’re not too tired after the movie, there is a bar (sometimes game night) outside the theatres.

We also enjoy other places such as Rex’s Seafood at Farmer’s Market.  The food is incredible, fresh and great service. It’s a fun atmosphere to walk around and listen to the live music.

For a fancy night out, our favorite has been Sip and Savor.  The restaurant is located in Plano in a Victorian-style home.  Their menu consists of California wines and food.  We have gone here for Valentine’s the past 3 years and are obsessed!

Favorite Places for Mom’s Night Out

Recently a group of friends went to Legacy Hall for a night out.  It was perfect, especially when everyone likes different types of food and you can’t decide.  Plus it’s very easy to share!   If you haven’t been there yet, it’s located in Legacy North and is an upscale food hall.  You order your food at the counter, then find tables around the hall. There are seats inside, but they also have an amazing outside sitting area with benches and couches on the first and second floor. Make sure you check out their calendar, because they have fun concert events too.  They have awesome options for your sweet tooth too. Here are the places we tried:

Enter The Bao

Tacos Patron

Son of a Butcher

Blist’r Naan Wraps

For Sweets:

The Pressed Waffles and Susie Cakes

Favorite Places with the Kids

I’m going to do another quick plug for Alamo, because we are big fans! They make it really fun for kids to enjoy the movie.  When you go purchase your ticket, look for Alamo for All. These screenings do not show previews, have the lights on low (not all the way off) and the sound isn’t overpowering.  They also have a great kid’s menu.  On the weekends, they have a buffet cereal party for either a new kid movie playing, a favorite from the past and/or PBS shows.  We went to see Space Jam last year, and we had the best time! In a few weeks we are going to the Cereal Party for Aladdin, can’t wait! This will also be nice for the summer to get out of the heat!

Another great place for the kids is in Arbor Hills.  It’s amazing how there is a place that is so beautiful, in the middle of such a populated city and you would never know! Arbor Hills is how it sounds, a bunch of trees and hills with paths—that’s all! Oh wait—there are beautiful flowers and creeks that run through it.  My kids had such a fun time running up the hills, looking at the streams and pretending to be on an “adventure.”  It was great going on a nature walk, and the loudest part was hearing the kids feet run up and down the path.  There is also a fun park to play in when you are finished (or before) the adventures begin.  Just bring some snacks, water and sunscreen for some fun in the sun. What’s even better, it’s FREE!

Favorite places for a moment alone

Just like any of us, we need those times just to ourselves. Target is obviously one of my favorite places to go without anyone, you can aimlessly shop, maybe actually try on clothes instead of bringing them home and then having to return them (though it’s a good excuse to go back).

For a quick bite and a glass of wine, I love going to Bambu (Campbell and Coit).  They have a fabulous selection of Thai food, a place to sit up at the bar and wonderful wait staff.  It’s a nice place to just to sit down for a nice glass of wine and some good grub. They are open for lunch and dinner!

I’m a fun of outside shopping malls—I need that good ole’ Vitamin C.  Luckily there are a lot of them now: Legacy West, Legacy North, Mockingbird Station, Preston/Royal Shops, Watters Creek and Highland Park Village (Bird Bakery, YUMMM).  You don’t even necessarily need to shop, just check out the areas and enjoy some outside time!

There you have it, a few of my favorite things!! Take what you want from it and ENJOY! 

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Liz is a mom to Miles (April 2014) and Laila (July 2016) and has been married to her husband Daniel for 6 years. She was born and raised in Dallas, leaving for about 8 years to receive her Psychology and Criminal Justice degree from Indiana University, and later her Master's degree from National Louis-Chicago to follow her dreams in becoming a teacher. After meeting (more like bumping into a blast from the past) her middle school crush on an American Airlines flight in 2009, they became engaged shortly after and moved back to Dallas. They now live in the same neighborhood Liz grew up in. She enjoys movie date nights with her hubby, vacationing at Target (sans kids), family fun days, Bachelor night with her girlfriends and just started a hip hop class. Her New Year’s resolution was to drink more red wine—and has been successful. And let's not forget her favorite pastime, overposting her fun-loving kids on social media. You can find those pictures on Instagram at @lizbracken2219.



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