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The city of Carrollton is a quaint suburb that is home to roughly 135,000 people.  It has a diverse population, a variety of housing options, and delicious restaurants to boast. It also has wonderful schools (both public and private), plenty of parks and trails, as well as a strong community presence. As a result of the big-city atmosphere with a small-town feel, people tend to gravitate to this Dallas suburb.

Carrollton prides itself on it’s three “C’s”; Connection, Convenience, and Community. The addition over the years of it’s highways and public transportation like the DART line, certainly connects it. This adds to it’s convenience as far as proximity goes. Carrollton is a hop, a skip, and a twenty minute jump on a highway away from most surrounding areas, making it extremely convenient. Through tightly-knit caring neighbors and plenty of online communities, Carrollton cultivates a strong community.

I grew up in this city, and I’m now raising my own two kids here. Carrollton has plenty of fun, food, and festivities to be had for families. Below are some of my favorites



Carrollton’s restaurant life is growing and we already have some great spots. If you are looking for a great place to dine and let the kids run off some energy, Nico’s Cocina and La Vista Cocina + Cantina have you covered. These are not only great spots, but they both have delicious Tex-Mex and a “Kids eat free” night!

A breakfast or brunch person? Carrollton has you covered with Eggsellent Cafe, Sunny Street Cafe, and longtime favorite, Mom’s Cafe.

If it is a patio to enjoy a nice day you’re after, a pizza cooked in ninety seconds at nine-hundred degrees from Cane Rosso in downtown Carrollton, and Mena’s Tex-Mex grill, never disappoint.

Have a sweet tooth? Cow Tipping Creamery  has creamy soft-serve with housemade toppings, and Sweet Lab has a variety of homemade ice creams and bubble waffles to choose from. Rum Cakes also has a variety of delectable homemade cakes!

Parks & Nature Trails

Carrollton has an abundance of parks. Some favorites are Mary Heads Carter, Oak Hills, and Branch Hollow. Most of Carrollton’s parks have grills, trails, and are a great place to spend an afternoon. A full list here: Carrollton Parks. We  we also have plenty of nature trails to enjoy soak in.  Elm Fork Nature Preserve is one that will make you forget you are in the middle of a bustling city.

CarrolltonWater Parks

Need some fun ways to beat the summer heat? We have two splash parks that are free to all to visit that are equipped with grills and tables to make the most of your visit. The Rosemeade Recreation Center is home to the Rosemeade Rainforest. The water park contains a lazy river, dump bucket, and water slides.

These are all a favorite of my kids’ and as a parent, I love that we have a few different options to choose from.

Downtown Carrollton

CarrolltonWhile Carrollton’s Downtown area is evolving and growing, it still has the same small town feel that people love, boasting both hip new restaurants and local longtime eateries. By combining the best of both worlds there is something for everyone. Swanky new apartments, as well as antique shops and a landmark Plaza Arts Center, line the square. With a beautiful white gazebo at it’s center, everything from weddings to festivals are held here. The balance of established and modern is what makes Carrollton’s Downtown area special. Events are frequently held here like Movies on the Square, May the 4th Be With You, and Festival at the Switchyard, just to name a few.

Cultural Diversity

This is one of my favorite attributes of my city. Carrollton does not shy away from cultural inclusiveness. In fact, it is embraced. There are so many options when you are needing something that may not be carried at your everyday grocery store. Al Markaz Restuarant & Groceries has Indian spices and groceries, H Mart is a Korean market that has a diverse selection of produce and products, and the Josey Plaza Grocery is a wonderful Vietnamese grocery. If you aren’t wanting to make the food yourself, there are plenty of great restaurants that showcase international cuisine like The Island Spot for Jamaican food, BBQ Tonite for modern Indo-Pak cuisine, and Carribean Cuba. You can not go wrong, I promise!

This is just a small sample of what Carrollton has to offer it’s residents and visitors alike. Our suburb continues to grow and evolve but manages to hang on to that small town feel that has attracted families for so long. With plenty to see, experience, and enjoy, this city is one of the best to get out and explore or better yet, to put down roots.

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