Natural Remedies for Winter Wellness

natural remedies for immune support and winter wellness
Various healthy natural products for immunity boosting and cold remedies.

The kids have returned to school and fall approaches. This means it’s time to brace ourselves for cold and flu season. What if you had readily available tools to help your family’s winter wellness without running to the doctor every other week? There are a multitude of natural options for immune support that can make this time of year more bearable. This information is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare provider but can certainly be helpful! Here’s a brief list of natural remedies for winter wellness and immune support to get you started!

Use Herbs This Winter

Briar Rose is made from plant buds and provides immune support as well as decongestant properties. This winter wellness staple comes in a liquid that is easy to mix into smoothies or orange juice. My kids don’t even notice it!

Oregano is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. It comes in fresh, dried and essential oil forms with a variety of applications.

Turmeric is derived from a flowering plant and has been used for its healing properties for thousands of years. This anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial remedy can be used for everything from the common cold to sprains. It is most often found as a powder. 

Although garlic is technically a vegetable, it is often mistakenly referred to as an herb or spice. Garlic has antibacterial properties and can be used in fresh, dried or oil form.

Rosemary is a fragrant herb that can be used in fresh, dried and essential oil forms. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Elderberry syrup has been shown to prevent viruses from entering human cells and inhibits viral replication. It is available in many pharmacies and grocery stores and is easy and affordable to make at home.

Essential Oils for Wellness

There are many more essential oils that can be used to support your body’s wellness, but my favorite is Thieves. This powerhouse is a blend of five essential oils: clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary. Cinnamon and clove possess antibacterial and antifungal properties. Lemon essential oil packs a punch with antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial activity. Eucalyptus has significant antibacterial action, even against resistant strains. It is also antifungal and antiviral. These oils can all be diffused and used topically or internally when labeled accordingly.

Immune Boosting Vitamins

We all know that vitamin C is important in the immune system, especially in times of illness. But do you know why? Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory and supports the skin as our bodies’ largest defense against germs. It also enhances immune cell production and function. Vitamin C is available in many oral forms and even IV preparations.

Adequate levels of vitamin D have been shown to prevent upper respiratory infections and lessen their severity. Taking vitamin K2 with vitamin D helps your body utilize the vitamin D properly. Vitamin D is available in pill and liquid.

Minerals For Immune Support

Zinc is key in many immune processes and is an antioxidant as well as offering anti-inflammatory action. Zinc deficiency affects billions of people in varying degrees. Supplements are available in tablet, chewable and liquid.

Magnesium is essential for immune cell function, but low levels may go undetected. Vitamin D and magnesium work together to help the body fight infection and inflammationMagnesium is available in pill, liquid and flake salt. My personal preference is this Icelandic Flake Salt that I mix into my water daily.

Gut Health Is Key

Your gut health is integral to overall wellness and immune system function. Probiotics support the gut by blocking bacteria from adhering to the intestinal lining. They also have anti-inflammatory effects. Like probiotics, fermented foods help replenish your body’s good bacteria to fight off the bad. These are things like fermented veggies, kombucha or kimchi. My favorites are Olive My Pickle.

Winter Wellness Resources

If you’d like even more information regarding winter wellness and natural remedies, this resource by local NP Michelle Rowton of Wonderfully Made Wellness Sanctuary is my go-to reference. For additional information to help guide you in making winter wellness choices for your family, check out my blog.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem without consulting a qualified healthcare provider. 


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