My ALL-TIME Favorite Activities in DFW with Small Children (5 years and younger)


Although I live in Cedar Hill and there are fun things to do here, I LOVE to venture out to other parts of the metroplex. I think part of it is due to being from Michigan and since I grew up in a small town, we would easily drive 30-45 minutes to get to a nice city that had fun things going on. Driving to near cities and towns is something that is just in me, so when I moved to Texas and everyone sort of had this “stay in your own town” mentality, I just could not get with it. I LOVED exploring the areas ALL around the metroplex. So one thing I found is a TON of fun things to do with toddlers in the metroplex and I wanted to share those things for anyone that had small children like me and wanted to venture out. Here they are:

1.) The Crayola Experience. Located in Plano, it is a drive from Dallas, but to me it’s totally worth it. I took my two-year-old at the time after having my son as a way to let her have fun. She had a blast and we could let her run around and be herself. She needed a little direction as there are some activities that need more guidance than a two-year-old can handle, but it was so fun. 

2.) Peppa Pig World of Play. Located in Grapevine Mills Mall. This is the PERFECT play for small kids. It’s big enough to let them run around, but not too big that they will get lost. My daughter went from thing to thing, playing on the slides, getting on the small bike, jumping on the toys, just perfect. I can’t wait to take her and her brother now that he is older. 

3.) The Splashpad at Hillcrest in Cedar Hill. This one is my city! We frequent this often now that its hot outside. There are plenty of places to sit for moms and dads, and even a few places to get ice cream, pretzels, french fries, etc. An easy family-friendly place surrounded by your favorite stores to shop. 

4.) Klyde Warren Park. Free Play is FUN! This is just a perfect place to have a fun family day out without it costing a penny. They have Food Trucks if you need a bite to eat, a splash pad for kids, a dedicated play area for kids, great scenery all located in downtown Dallas. Just plan to walk or check the site for parking

5.) The PlayStreet Museum. This was actually one of my favorite places to take my three year old this year. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I saw the word “museum”.  I wondered if would it bore her, but there is so much imaginative play for her that she did not want to leave. We could have stayed all day and we will be back often. She loves it there and its great for small kids and encouraging play. 

That’s it for now! There are tons more, but you can find monthly activities on this blog located here!

What about you? What are some your favorite places in DFW? Are you originally from out of town? 



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