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We receive almost daily emails asking about where to take private music lessons or information on piano teachers, so we were thrilled when Music Schools International approached us to be one of our DFW Moms Night Out sponsors!  Not only are they a great organization for private and group music lessons, but find out what awesome giveaway you could win at DFW Moms Night Out!

Launched in 1997, Music School International is dedicated to giving children the best of education, which is why all our teachers go through a licensing test aside from their University diplomas. We have a unique curriculum based on contemporary music, which makes our classes lots of fun, yet very effective. We have specific beginner courses for children as young as 2 and through to 12. Intermediate and Advanced level courses follow beginner curriculum levels. Our classes are all age appropriate and the curriculum is specifically designed for effective group tuition and in accordance with the physical, cognitive and emotional development of each age group.

The programs are basically divided in 2 sections:

1. The program for the 2 and 3 year old’s is an introductory musicianship course where children learn to enjoy music in a fun filled, action packed lesson.

Jitterbugs home page

Jitterbugs – for the 2 year olds

Introduction to early music fundamentals such as:

  • Rhythm – using percussion
  • Aural – Listening skills
  • Pitch – singing songs
  • Movement and action
  • Musical craft
  • Musical games

Other Benefits:

  • Nurtures Creativity
  • Emphasis is on the children having fun
  • Students learn to share, take turns and work with others

Bees 3

Beebopper – for the 3 year olds

Is a structured, yet unpressured program aiming to develop all aspects of early music fundamentals for this most receptive age group.

Each Class Involves: Singing to encourage pitch, percussion to develop rhythmic skills, action and movement for gross and fine motor coordination, music appreciation for listening, lots of musical games, learning to work in a group and ideal environment for developing social skills and new friendships. LOTS OF MUSICAL FUN!!!!


2. The Pianorama program for  4 – 6 year old beginners and  a different starter program for 7 year and upward beginners is a comprehensive group piano, musicianship and theory program.

Pianorama Junior – For the 4-6 year olds

Incorporates all fundamentals for practical and musical development for the beginner student. An emphasis on aural (ear) training expedites the learning process and the students’ develop of the components of musicianship and technique simultaneously.

Students learn:

  • Piano  – practical learning, with solo and ensemble experience
  • Singing – to develop pitch and aural
  • Percussion – to develop rhythmic skills
  • Theory/musical games – for confirmation of reading notation and musical elements
  • Music Appreciation – understanding of musical structure and creativity

Primary home page_Pianorama Primary – For the 7+ year olds

A beginner course in which all technical and musical concepts are covered through repertoire and technical finger play, exposing the student to all styles of music. This is integrated with keyboard and percussion ensembles for rhythmic development, music appreciation for the understanding of musical structure, creative awareness and the opportunity for solos and ensemble work. Concepts are cognitively stabilized through a theoretical component within the curriculum.

Students learn:

  • Aural/ Reading / Rhythmic Skills – An effective listen / sing/ play/ read approach to music ensures that all the necessary musical skills are developed simultaneously.
  • Technique – Attention to good finger technique enables the student to achieve optimum results on the piano both now and in the future.
  • Theory – Relevant examples in the lesson ensure that the student understands how to read and write music correctly as well as comprehending the symbols and terminology.
  • Performance – The student may become a confident performer both in group and as soloist, aided by peer support and the confidence that comes from regular exposure to playing in front of others.

We truly strive to develop the best musicians and that is why our teaching philosophy is very impactive:

“what you hear you sing, what you sing you play, what you play you read, what you read you write”

All skills are developed simultaneously in an unpressured and enjoyable approach and with very effective results.

Music Schools International Dallas is located at 13520 Inwood Rd, Dallas, Texas 75244 (Inwood and the Dallas North Tollway). 

For more information on how to enroll or preview a class, contact (972) 661-9061! 

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**MSI Dallas is a sponsor for DFW Moms Night Out. This post was written by the owner and operator of MSI; however, Dallas Moms Blog endorses their program! 


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