Movie-Making at the Click of a Button with OneDay App


We love to partner with businesses that we think are beneficial to moms, but what we love even more are businesses local to Dallas!  While this post has been sponsored, we’re excited to share this incredible new app from a local start-up with you.  

Movie-Making at the Click of a Button with OneDay

Kids say the darndest things, right? Well now, you can record those priceless moments with a cool new app, OneDay.

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OneDay allows you to interview your kids by asking them a series of questions centered around a theme. Learn about why they think the sky is blue; get them to put on their silliest face; ask them to show you their best dance moves.

The app will guide you by suggesting questions, and you can record your child’s responses. The app then seamlessly stitches the story together to create a fun and unique video that you can share on social media, or save on your phone.


We decided to try out the Silly/Funny storyline. My son loves to make funny faces and show off for the camera, so this was perfect for us.


It’s really easy to record the individual moments. To ask another question, just click “Add a Moment” and select the question you want to ask. Click record and watch your child’s personality come to life!


When you’re ready to share the video, just click the share button! Ours turned out really cute. Check it out:

[xyz-ihs snippet=”One-Day—Arena”]

You could make some really cute videos for birthdays or holidays with this app. And it’s really fun to see what your child’s answers are!

The app was created to help people tell their story OneDay at a time, for their family and friends to OneDay have. And the developers are based right here in Dallas!

The app is currently free on the iTunes store, but won’t be for long! The developers are also planning to add the ability to enter your own question or story. That will open up a whole new range of possible uses for the app!

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Download the app now and start telling your story!


**This post has been sponsored monetarily by OneDay in order to bring you more information about their app. All opinions in this post are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way. 




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