Mom’s Ultimate Halloween Costume :: 2020 Is Such a WITCH


No doubt there are many good Halloween costumes to come out of this crazy, spooky year. It won’t be surprising to see lots of costumes commemorating this year: Tiger King, Schitts’s Creek, and my personal favorite, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

All of these are going to be great this year, but I really wanted to commemorate 2020 in what I felt like is the ultimate 2020 Halloween costume…

2020 is such a WITCH

Items needed:

  • 2020 shirt (Believe it or not… I paid cash money for this sweater for New Year’s Eve. Who knew how I would NEVER want to wear this ever again?)
  • Black skirt (I had mine from a previous event)
  • Witch hat
  • Mask (obviously – plus you’ll be covered for trick or treating!)
  • Quarantine BINGO (I found my printable here)

Enjoy being SO 2020!! I got a lot of laughs out of this one. It came together so quickly! You could replace the bingo card with something like a zoom call screen, or a mock-up of your child’s school iPad screen (seesaw anyone?). Have fun with it – endless ideas that we are all still living day today!

Now that you have your costume figured out, what about the kiddos? No doubt you’re hoping for some normalcy around the holiday but still want to ensure the safety of your family and those around you. Halloween is a holiday made for the mask! Here are some quick ideas for costumes that would incorporate a mask really easily!

Costume Ideas to Incorporate a Mask

Not to mention, there are a load of costumes with full face masks to choose from!

Whatever Halloween looks like for you this year, we hope you have fun and enjoy being creative and marking this crazy year in your family history!


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