A Mom’s Guide to Netflix



So about a year ago, we cancelled our cable and decided to pay for Netflix and the basic TV channels.  Not only did this save us beaucoup money each month, but it introduced my hubby and I to some great new shows. And here’s a hint…anything and everything BBC is better! (Here’s a great article from our archives on how to actually cut the cord on cable.)  I’ve been getting a lot of texts asking for Netflix suggestions (maybe this means I watch too much television) so I thought I would share my top picks with you!  

The next time you have a spare hour, don’t feel like doing dishes, your hubby is out of town or staying late at the office… I got you covered! 

Shows to Watch WITH Your Spouse:

  • Stranger Things – Netflix Original. Think of a 2016 version of The Goonies… but set in the 80s. Sci-Fi. Weird. Amazing soundtrack! 
  • Peaky Blinders – Set in the 1920s, this is a British crime drama about a gang in England called the Peaky Blinders.  You will swoon over the costumes and somehow find yourself rooting for the bad guys!   
  • Marco Polo – Netflix Original.  Inspired by Marco Polo’s early years serving under Kublai Khan. Drama infused with politics and romance. 
  • Broadchurch – BBC crime show about the community and how it copes with an 11 year old local boy’s murder. The cinematography is incredible. Character development is riveting. I could not stop watching it. 
  • Luther – Idris Elba. Enough said!  A gritty BBC crime show will have you binge-watching in no time! 
  • Sherlock –  Another BBC crime show depicting a contemporary spin on the classic detective stories.  Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman each episode is over an hour long so it feels more like “mini” movies. 

Others worth nothing: Bloodline and House of Cards 

Shows to Watch Solo:

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – I am not super into comedies but this quirky and hilarious show is light-hearted, random, and will leave you smiling!
  • The Mysteries of Laura – A cute crime show involving light-hearted cases, romance, and humor! If you were a fan of Will & Grace you will love seeing Debra Messing in this role.
  • Scandal – Because your hubby probably won’t be into it… A seductive political drama starring Kerry Washington as the infamous Olivia Pope who can’t seem to shake her past ties to the President. Created by Shonda Rhimes, you can expect any and everything to happen!
  • Gilmore Girls – If you never watched Gilmore Girls growing up, now is the time! Especially now as a Mom, you will love watching the relationship between Loralei Gilmore and her daughter Rory as they navigate the teenage years and beyond.  The show is about love and friendship and will give you the warm & fuzzies every single time! 

Others worth nothing: Grace & Frankie and Orange is the New Black 

What to Watch When You Need a Good Cry:

  • Parenthood – Goodness gracious. Watched this entire series while I was pregnant with Chloé and it is EXCELLENT.  The Bravermans are about the cutest family you will ever meet and dare I say…. I STILL wonder what they are up to.  You will feel instantly connected to this family as they handle life’s and ups and downs.
  • Call the Midwife – I cry every single episode. A wonderful BBC drama adapted from Memoirs of a midwife in the 1950s in poor, East End London. This show will move you as it explores the miracle of motherhood and the friendships these women create within their community and with each other. 

I hope this post gave you a good head start on your queue!

 I would seriously LOVE to know what shows you love on Netflix since I am always looking for new ones! Leave a comment below and let’s start watching! 



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